*Frozen Desires by Jessie Donovan (AMT #2)


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4 stars****

This is the second book in the AMT series... not to be read as a stand alone (or at least I wouldn't recommend it). Book one... Blaze of Secrets... set the foundation for the overall plot which is finding the four elementals. We were also introduced to the DEFEND organization who are fighting to free the first born Feiru from the Asylums. So, it is better to start from the beginning so you know the back story on all of the characters and their missions.
In book two we have Camilla who is a tough and strong willed soldier working for the DEFEND organization. She is on the hunt for the second elemental in Mexico with her team. The first elemental is her sister who was rescued from an asylum in book one.
We also have Marco who was sent by DEFEND to keep an eye on Cam and her progress. Marco puts up a good act as a womanizer, but there is so much about him that is assumed. Marco has big secrets about his own abilities that he must keep hidden.
In the beginning you would think there is no way these two would ever click... but, as secrets are revealed, trusts are formed and ice is broken, Cam and Marco develop an attraction for each other that they cannot deny or escape. Marco has a very interesting talent for using his ice making skills in the bedroom. A little cold can make things a little hot... LOL
The thing I like about this series the most is that there is so much going on to keep you engaged. I am really curious what will happen when they finally discover all four of the hidden elementals. I'm assuming something big! I also want justice for all of the first born Feiru who are secretly being used for experimentation. I want to see DEFEND succeed in their mission to rid the Feiru of these asylums.
This is a very creative series and I'm definitely on board for more... looking forward to book three!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review!

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