Blaze of Secrets by Jessie Donovan (#1 AMT series)


4 stars****
I am always on board to try out a new paranormal series and I think that this one is going to be one to keep an eye on.
This series is based on the Feiru and their elemental magic. They want to keep their existence unknown to the human population. Keeping themselves hidden gets harder as the human population gains more technological advances. In an effort to keep themselves hidden they make the decision to put the most risky and powerful of the feiru (all first borns) under lock and key in places called AMT camps.
The AMT camps are not the places of protection and refuge that they are supposed to be... instead, the first borns who are sent to these camps live in horrific circumstances and undergo experimentation and cruelty.
Kiarra manages to escape with the help of Jaxton and a team of Feiru who work for the DEFEND organization. This is a group determined to end the imprisonment of first borns and expose the AMT camps for what they really are.
Jaxton is in charge of training Kiarra to work for DEFEND and hopefully help bring back her gift of elemental fire which was subdued while she was in the AMT camp. They develop a strong passion for one another as they are on the run from those who are trying to hunt her down.
I thought that this was a very well developed world with great supporting characters and well written. My only complaint really was that I thought the romance between Jaxton and Kiarra happened a little too fast. Seemed like Kiarra would have needed more time to acclimate to her new life considering how long she had been kept in the camp. But, that is a small complaint.
There are still lots of questions that need answering and lots of side characters that I would like to get to know better in future installments. So, I will be looking forward to more from this author. This is really quite good for a debut novel. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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