Cover Reveal!! Frozen Desires by Jessie Donovan (AMT #2)

To be released in late February 2014
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A high-ranking soldier with DEFEND--an anti-magic prison activist group--Camilla Melini is sent to Mexico to find one of the elemental Four Talents. Given her experience and own set of latent abilities, she’s determined to get in and out of Mexico as quickly as possible to avoid running into the man who nearly destroyed her life. But when the dangerous man from her past finds her, Cam must work with Marco Alvarez, a man she’d dismissed as a playboy, to prevent the the power of the Talents from falling into the wrong hands. What she never expected was for the charming playboy to be a cunning warrior worthy of her heart...

Marco Alvarez is sent to Mexico with two goals--to watch Cam’s back and to investigate a series of arson fires targeting former AMT employees. But when a shadow-shifter shows up looking for Cam, Marco decides that in order to ensure Cam’s mission is a success, he needs to be close to her. While torn between telling her the truth of his elemental magic and keeping the others who share his secret safe, Marco finds himself drawn into Cam’s past. Just as he starts to break through Cam’s inner walls, she sacrifices herself to save her colleagues. Now Marco must expose the secret of his elemental magic or risk losing the only woman who can match both his passion and his strength.

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