The King by J.R. ward Teasers & Spoilers

The Warden has been putting up some teasers on her Facebook page. So I thought I would lump them all together here. April can't get here soon enough guys ((smiley face)) We'll keep adding info and links as they come along.
Dec 8th
Okay, ce's are back and I'm going through The King (out 4/1/14!)- and here is the first sentence of the book:
Long live the king.

Dec 5th
Sola is in deep when THE KING opens (out 4/1/14)- and let's just say... a monster saves her.

Lil something for her:
Dec 4th
Xcor is very defo in THE KING (out 4/1/14). As you all know, he looks like CT- and he's got issues. Unfortunately, he's gunning for the impact zone- and it's breaking my heart...

Song for him:

Dec 3rd
Okay, so THE KING (out 4/1/14) is also a continuation of Beth and Wrath's love story!

So in honor of them, a lil good lovin' from Mr. Legend:

Dec 2nd
Annnnnnnnd Lassiter, too- he's in THE KING (coming 4/1/14!)! 'Cuz like he'd have it any other way? He actually plays a pivotal role for Wrath and Beth- if you read the book, you'll see what I mean
In the meantime, here's Lassiter's theme song (you will NOT believe it....):
Dec 1st
Assail's also in THE KING (out 4/1/14)- he's getting busy *cough* and I gotta say, he goes video game in the first part of the book- you'll see what I mean, and you can guess why... but man, destiny has a way of f**king you. As he learns firsthand.

Lil tune for him:
Nov 30th
THE KING is coming 4/1/14! You're going to see a whole lot of TREZ LATTIMER in it (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm) Lil' song for him:
Nov 29th

THE KING is finished! Repeat- he is all done! His release date is now April 1- NO this is NOT an April fool's joke lol and his big signing in Cinci is that Saturday, April 5 at 2 pm EST!

A couple of stats- Lover at Last came in at 186,286 words at this point in the process. Wrath is 181,983- but he'll get bigger as I play with him in copyedits (don't eva say that again)

I'll be doing some quote posting in Dec- just a few tidbits, and then one a day in March! In the meantime, here's Wrath's theme song for the book, a little mess'y from to the BOB (oh and maybe you'll recky the house????):
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