I have been thoroughly charmed and caught in a spell spun by Christine Amsden.  I am not sure what I expected of Cassie Scot but what I got was a lovable and charming character that has won me over. Cassie a “Marilyn Munster” in a magical family has to carve her own way. When nothing is done for the simple reason of favor but has repercussions and debts to be paid, it can be a little tricky. Cassie runs her own detective agency and works with her former boss the police chief to solve magical/normal cases.
When a client comes into the office with hopes of Cassie serving a subpoena to a love potion making witch thing go from easy to puzzling when Cassie finds a dead body. Only the dead body turns out to be cousin to a powerful and childhood friend/crush Evan. A sorcerer that is rumored to place love spells on the women he meets. They begin to work together to find out who is behind the murders and quickly become gossip. 
Added to the mayhem is a crazy and magical family that all live together in one house. All of Cassie’s siblings have magical ability. It is a wildly funny and chaotic atmosphere. All is not perfect in this household. Feeling less than and not good enough has plagued Cassie since childhood and continues. 
Cassie struggles to figure out who she is and who she can trust. It’s hard with so many secrets and lies swirling around. Cassie is beginning to realize someone wants her dead. Who will help her? Who will cast her aside and who can she trust?
Such a good story that when I finished I immediately searched for book 2. Sadly we will have to wait till November. ((sad face)) I want it now mummy!

The next book in the Cassie Scott series, Secrets and Lies, will be released November 15, 2013.
Be sure to check back with us on November 14th for a full review and some exciting teasers provided by Christine Amsden herself.  It just keeps getting better and better!

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