Edge of Oblivion by J.T. Geissinger (Night Prowler #2)

Edge of Oblivion (Night Prowler, #2)

5 Panther clawing stars*****

Book one in this series sparked my curiosity but book TWO in this series has completely won me over. Yep... I am a fan! I should've known this one was gonna' be good because it starred Morgan who is a character full of spunk, defiance and sass. Definitely a personality that is entertaining and full of surprises. And, when you throw in a mysterious, dangerous, hunky assassin named Xander... well now... that is a recipe for romance... right?? Well, except for the fact that he is an assassin and his mark is... her.
Morgan is being given a second chance to redeem herself after her betrayal of her people in book one... she has a task to complete and only has two weeks to complete the job. If she fails then Xander has been ordered to execute her.
Morgan and Xander travel to Rome and not long after they get there they discover a secret hiding cleverly underneath the Vatican itself... and it complicates the mission in ways that were completely unexpected. As the story unfolds me meet some new and very intriguing characters. And, we get to be a part of this adrenaline charged romance that seems hopeless if the task cannot be completed in time.
This book has a little of all of things that I personally love about a book. Lots of action, creative storyline, steamy romance and an abundance of great characters that you both love and despise. The story is written and developed in such a way that I can definitely see this series going far and I do hope it does.
The next book in this series is called Rapture's Edge and will be released on June 18th... I am thrilled to have an ARC copy so check back soon for my review on book three of this awesome series! 
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