Soul Stripper by Katana Collins

    Soul Stripper (Soul Stripper, #1)

5 stars *****

Soul Stripper is not the book I thought it was going to be... I seriously could not put this book down once I started. Monica is a succubus and she works as a stripper because she needs to absorb the sexual energy of men in order to stay alive and retain her succubus powers. Problem is... each time she absorbs this energy she steals a piece of that person's soul and shortens their life span. Monica doesn't like this for good reasons... she used to be an angel. So, basically she is a succubus with a conscience. She tries hard to take souls that are already lost to help ease the burden that she is taking lives but it is still a difficult burden for her to bear.
Someone is killing her fellow succubi and apparently Monica is next on the list... and the story that builds around the mystery of these murders and who is stalking Monica as their next victim really keeps you guessing until the very end.
This story is full of really great and well written characters and the ending really threw me for a loop... I really wasn't expecting that ending at all. Can't wait to get my hands on book two... I am definitely a fan!
Due to the nature of the succubus there are a large number of erotic scenes but this book is so much more than erotica. It is a very well written paranormal murder mystery that will keep you turning the pages.
Highly recommend for all paranormal romance/erotica fans! 

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