Kat's Favorite Reads of 2016!

This has been a tough year for me as far as reaching my reading goals.  But, I did manage to find a few gems out of the small pile of books I was able to read this year.  As you might notice, my reading interests have changed a bit and I'm starting to lean heavily towards more women's fiction and historical fiction.  That's how it goes, right??  Life changes and so do our interests!

Two of my top Favorites this year were by one of my favorite authors, Amy Harmon! 
This author has made my favorites list for the last few years.  She is my go to author when I am looking for something beautifully written that touches the heart in all of the right places.  If you haven't read anything by this author you are truly missing out. 

My next favorite is from an Indie author who is also becoming a go to favorite when I want something beautifully written.  Each one of her books is a work of art and comes from the heart.  This year Amanda Dick released this little gem of a story called...

Next on the list is book two in a truly entertaining series that still has me grinning from ear to ear!  If you love kick-butt females and Viking Gods you really need to dive into the Call of Crow series ASAP...

Laura Drake managed to topple me over yet again with the release of her first women's fiction title.  This heartfelt story of two sisters just trying to get by and a woman striving for success as a bullfighter will stay with me for a long time.  I have read all of Laura Drake's books but there was something special about this one.  It touched me in a very personal way.   

And then there was this entertaining and delightful novel.  Yes, I did fall in Love with Chloe!  An engaging novel and a little something different from author Alessandra Torre... 

I read a book last year called "The Canterbury Sisters" and I absolutely loved it.  Kim Wright wrote another winning novel this year that showed me a whole new side to Elvis and his complicated life.  This was a wonderful tale of a girl searching for the truth of her past by taking one last ride to Graceland!

Kristin Harmel won my heart as a writer with her novel "The Life Intended" last year.  She did it again this year with the release of this historical fiction tale of forbidden love between an American woman and German prisoner.  Engaging and thought provoking and one that stayed with me for a while. 

This next book was by a new to me author but one I will definitely follow for future releases.  I loved this wonderfully written Historical Fiction about a woman and her journey to success as an actress.   Very unique story that had me turning the pages!

And last but definitely not least...  My top favorite read of the year is by author Jewel E. Ann!  I adored this trilogy and devoured all three books back to back.  I had a complete and total book hangover as a result!  This is a must read for romantic suspense fans.  Perfect blend of suspense, humor and romance that will keep you on edge from start to finish. 

End of Day
Middle of Knight
Dawn of Forever
And there you have it...  like I said before my reading time was interrupted by life a lot this year.  There are many, many books I didn't get to read that I'm sure would've made this list as well.  With any luck I'll get all caught up!  But, the problem is...  there are always more and more and more books being released...  which leads me to one of my favorite lines...

So many books, So little time!!!  :)

I hope you've had a successful reading year and that 2017 will bring you even more reading success as you nestle into your favorite reading spot and dive into the endless world of adventures between the pages of a book. 

Happy New Year!! 


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