Cursed by S.J. Harper (K's Review)


5 stars*****
Every time I pick up a paranormal romance it is always a surprise... there is so much that can happen in the world of paranormal and just when I think I've read them all another one comes along and offers something a little different. This new series is one in which the lead character is a Siren. She has been cursed by a goddess who was angry at her at failing to protect her daughter. She condemned her to live as a mortal and must spend her days searching for the missing and saving lives until the goddess is satisfied she has served an appropriate sentence for her failure. The other catch is that she is not allowed to love or be loved. Failure to abide by this rule has deadly consequences.
I didn't really appreciate this story fully until the very end of the book when Emma had to make a difficult decision to either save the man she loves by walking away or give in to her need to nurture her lonely and empty existence and putting his life in danger... my heart went out to her and I felt so much empathy. Even had a little tear for her and a lot of anger towards the goddess. She is very cruel...
I loved the entrance of Kallistos at the end of the book as well... he is an ancient vampire who definitely has an interest in hooking up with the beautiful and rare siren. He is an intriguing and mysterious character that I'm sure will be full of surprises as this series continues.
Most of the book revolves around Emma and her partner Zack (a likable and very sexy werewolf) working on a case of missing vampires. As they work on the case together they find their attraction for one another is more than just physical and impossible to resist. It's one of those situations where the heart takes over even when the mind doesn't want it too.
I'm definitely invested into this story now for the primary reason that I really want to see Emma released from this curse. I want something nasty to happen to the goddess... and, I'm hoping to see an eventual happily ever after and I'm curious how that will happen.
Great story... great characters... nice, easy writing style.. and, even though there is more to come it ends with a decent amount of closure to leave you satisfied until the next book. This is also a good choice if you're looking for a series that is story focused with a little steam mixed in... I felt it was a perfect balance. Not too much and not too little...
I loved this book and can't wait for more!

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