The Villain Edit by Laurie Devore

Literary from page one I'm a fan of this play on The Bachelor From the perspective of Jac, a female contestant on the reality show "The 1" 

Jac is a bit more mature in age than most of the other contestants and with her job as a self-proclaimed, failed romance author, she embodies a devil-may-care attitude about the experience. Only... The producers are editing her more into a villain role and well... the guy she had a one-night stand with before the start of filming of the show will give Jac more problems than she ever dreamed of. 

At its heart, The Villain Edit is a journey of self-discovery into Jac's relationship with herself set in a chaotic stage for all to scrutinize. 

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Good villains make good TV.

Romance novelist Jacqueline Matthis’s big career has gone bust and she’s ditched the bright lights of New York City for her more affordable South Carolina hometown. Desperate, Jac dreams up a comeback plan—she is going to be a contestant on the 1, the most obsessively watched reality dating show in the world.

After all Jac is a romance writer—she knows how to pull off a meet-cute and create a spicy plotline.

On set, Jac quickly establishes herself as a front-runner for bachelor Marcus’s heart, but she’s shocked to discover who’s actually pulling the strings. How was she to know that Henry Foster, her last one-night stand before the show, was actually a longtime producer on the 1? Henry is just as horrified…but they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

As Jac plays the game and the show unfurls, she slowly discovers that she’s getting the villain edit. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but as Jac’s secret plan begins crumbling around her, she’s not so sure. What happens if Marcus chooses her? Worse, what happens if her affair with Henry comes to light? What if, in trying to save her career, Jac has ruined her life?

Heartbreaking, smart, and sexy, this novel is for anyone who has ever secretly rooted for—or felt like—the villain.

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