Where the Dead Sleep by Joshua Moehling

Book two in the Ben Packard series is out now, book friends! I had a great time in Sandy Lake with a new case and the goings on in this not-so-sleepy town. Mystery and local politics abound.

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Bill Sanderson―former high school quarterback, husband to Carrie, one-time husband to Sheri, used car salesman, lover of easy money―had a plan. Now, it's Labor Day weekend and Bill's dead in his bed. An early morning call brings Deputy Ben Packard to the scene of a home invasion.

Everyone Packard talks to has a story about Bill, but no one has a clear motive for wanting him dead. The business partner. The ex-wife. The current wife. The high-stakes poker buddies. Any of them―or none of them―could be guilty.

As the investigation begins, tragedy strikes the Sheriff's department, forcing Packard to make a difficult choice about his future: step down as acting Sheriff and pursue the quiet life he came to Sandy Lake in search of, or subject himself to the scrutiny of an election for the full-time role of Sheriff, a job he's not sure he wants.

There's a hidden history to Sandy Lake that Packard, ever the outsider, can't see. Bad blood and old secrets run deep. But an attempt on Packard's life means he's getting uncomfortably close to the dangerous legacy of the quiet Minnesota town. And someone will do anything to keep it hidden.

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