The President's Wife by Tracey Enerson Wood

Honestly, no matter what your political affiliation is, The President's Wife by Tracey Enerson Wood shows what a real marriage is about. What it means to support and be a united front to the world. Lovely read.

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From the Cover...
They called her the First Lady. They should have referred to her as Madame President. Discover the woman who stepped up and saved her husband—and her country

When widowed Washington, D.C., socialite Edith Bolling meets President Woodrow Wilson, the attraction is immediate. A whirlwind romance results in a proposal of marriage, which Edith happily accepts—along with the important role of First Lady. By the end of the Great War, Edith is accompanying her husband to Europe for peace talks, meeting heads of state and dealing with foreign affairs. But something is wrong with Woodrow.

During several meetings, he seems to lose concentration and looks confused, leaving her to manage on her own. As time goes on, his condition worsens, ultimately resulting in a devastating stroke. Unwilling to let her husband’s presidency fail, Edith steps in behind the scenes, supporting Woodrow in every way while concealing his true condition to all except the most trusted advisors. But leading a country in turmoil is a thankless job—especially as a woman—and serving incognito as President could take everything she has.

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