Veil of Shadows by Diana Marik

Veil of Shadows by new to me author, Diane Marik has been an incredible surprise. Never having read her before I was pleasantly surprised to find a mixture of JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K Hamilton, and Charlene Harris. I’m going to assume she’s a fan of these authors because she encompasses all of them in her writing. As a fan of paranormal romance, I'm delighted to share that VOS is filled with longing, intrigue, and the chaos that only the high courts of vampires can provide. I’m excited to begin this nine-book journey.  It’s gonna take me a while to catch up, but I am eager for the challenge.

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From the Cover...
Lord Valadon, CEO of ValCorp and leader of New York’s vampires, has become fascinated with Miranda Crescent, a human woman with powers only Elementals possess. As his enemies conspire against him, he becomes drawn to her, but knows any involvement with Miranda will only endanger her life because within the human population exists the Human Order of Light, a powerful hate group, who would see the eradication of the vampires.

Miranda Crescent is an authenticator of rare works of art who isn’t afraid of danger. Her best friend is the Were Queen and her mentor is a vampire ancient. At first, resistive to Valadon’s charms, she will risk her life to bring him the information he needs to thwart his enemies.

But Valadon’s second, the sexy and sarcastic Remare, believes Miranda is a member of the HOL working to destroy his lord. The chemistry between them quickly escalates as they search for those plotting against Valadon. But Remare’s first loyalty is to his lord. He can’t allow himself to care for someone Valadon has marked as his own…or can he?

*Thank you to Diana Marik for sharing this title with me.
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