Eddie Muller's Noir Bar: Cocktails Inspired by the World of Film Noir by Eddie Muller

I've found a lovely way to spend my day! Let's watch an old movie and try a few cocktails, shall we? A stylish and beautiful book perfect as a hostess gift as well as a way to bring fun to any movie night. Eddie Muller paves the way for beautiful libations with a classic movie twist. Santé.

Out Tuesday, May 23rd ~ Get it on Amazon

From the Cover...
Eddie Muller—host of TCM's Noir Alley, one of the world's leading authorities on film noir, and cocktail connoisseur—takes film buffs and drinks enthusiasts alike on a spirited tour through the "dark city" of film noir in this stylish book packed with equal parts great cocktail recipes and noir lore.

Eddie Muller's Noir Bar pairs carefully curated classic cocktails and modern noir-inspired libations with behind-the-scenes anecdotes and insights on 50 film noir favorites. Some of the cocktails are drawn directly from the films: If you've seen In a Lonely Place and wondered what’s in a “Horse’s Neck”—now you’ll know. If you’re watching Pickup on South Street you’ll find out what its director, Sam Fuller, actually drank off-screen. Didn’t know that Nightmare Alley’s Joan Blondell inspired a cocktail? It may become a new favorite. Meanwhile, Rita Hayworth is toasted with a "Sailor Beware," an original concoction which, like the film that inspired it (The Lady From Shanghai), is unique, complex, and packs a wallop.

​Featuring dozens of movie stills, poster art, behind-the-scenes imagery, and stunning cocktail photography, Noir Bar is both a stylish and exciting excursion through classic cinema’s most popular genre.

*Thank you to Running Press and HBG for sharing this title with me.
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