Yours Truly Abby Jimenez

OK friends, I don’t even know where to start. Abby Jimenez has yet again left me speechless. This is her fifth book release, and dare I say, this one touched me the most out of any of her previous works. As someone who suffers from social anxiety and spends the majority of her time at home, I felt this on a visceral level. As the kids say today I felt seen. A major part of this book deals with medical issues that I have intimate knowledge about within my immediate family. There is so much thought, love, and research put into every aspect of Yours Truly. I know this is gonna sound all over the place and it's not really telling you anything about the book as far as a synopsis, but honestly, you can read the blurb for that., For me, Yours Truly will go down as one of my all-time favorite books in romance. Simply because of the realness, openness, and honesty JimĂ©nez has shared. TENS TENS, across-the-board.

Releases April 11th ~ Get it on Amazon

From the Cover...
ER doctor Brianna Ortiz has had it up to here with men. She just finalized a divorce from her cheating husband, and the new guy at work has been nicknamed Dr. Death for losing seven patients on his first day. Yet when she tries to console him about it, his abrupt rudeness totally takes her aback. With a brother who desperately needs a kidney transplant, Bri has enough to worry about without work drama on top of it. Then she gets the sweetest letter from Dr. Death—er, Dr. Jacob Maddox—himself, and suddenly everything becomes clearer.

Bri does the only thing she can think of. She writes him back. And he writes her. And soon Jacob’s little notes are the highlight of her day. Both are shocked when it turns out Jacob is a donor match for Bri’s brother’s transplant. Willing to do anything to express her gratitude at his sacrifice, Bri agrees to go as Jacob’s date to his brother’s wedding. They’re not dating for real, of course. But Jacob’s boisterous family doesn’t know that. And when they get the wrong impression, there’s nothing to do but go along with the charade...

*Thank you so much to Forever Pub for sharing this title with me.
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