Lassiter by J.R. Ward

Stunned silence was my immediate reaction after closing the book, Lassiter. I've sat and pondered how I would write this review for days now. I don't think I've been this emotional reading a book from my beloved series in years. Not since Z's book. And I didn't think anything could be more heartwrenching than Darius, but boy oh boy was I wrong. The angst kept creeping in from chapter to chapter. A build-up of uncertainty that led to an ending I never saw coming. I'm left eviscerated by what has transpired and anticipating on bated breath for the next book in the series. GEEZUS, this is a good book! Make sure you have uninterrupted time for reading and an exceptionally large box of Kleenex.

P.S. Those who attended ROR this past year are in for a treat IYKYK 😂

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From the Cover...
Lassiter, the fallen angel, is too good at the savior business. In his new role overseeing the fates of all vampires, he’s influenced outcomes he shouldn’t have- so the Creator is calling him home. But the angel has a reason to stay in Caldwell. He’s bonded with a mysterious female who’s seemed to appear from out of nowhere… and has powers that defy all reason.

Rahvyn is well aware that she doesn’t belong in the present. And she never intended to stay, for her true place is in the past. Lassiter proves to be undeniable, however, and she lets herself fall for the angel- until a secret he’s been keeping comes out and she fears that for him, it’s not about love, but duty.

As the Omega’s son reestablishes the Lessening Society, and the Brotherhood must resume the deadly war- an unfathomable tragedy occurs. In the aftermath, Rahvyn has to decide whether to stay and help- or save herself from an immortal heartbreak she knows will crush her very soul…

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