Dreaming on the Page by Tzivia Gover

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The entirety of Dreaming on the Page by Tzivia Gover came across as one big writing prompt for me. Great questions and thought processes to uncover. Even the tried and true seemed a bit fresher. It's the hallmark of a good teacher. Perfect for those stuck on the page. Especially those who want to open up during waking hours about their dreams.

From the Cover...
Dreaming on the Page is for writers of all genres, from casual journal-keepers to experienced authors—and anyone who aspires to write. 
Discover how to:

•Turn your dreams into poems and stories
•Supercharge your poetry and prose
•Blast through writer's block
•Use brain science to help harness your creative powers
•Have an endless supply of rich writing prompts
...and much more!

Read this book and the next time you fall asleep, you'll know how to tap into your midnight mind to supercharge your writing!

Thank you to The Collective Book Studio for sharing this title with me.
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