Hokuloa Road by Elizabeth Hand

Releases July 19th ~ Get it on Amazon

If you're looking for the perfect beach/camping trip read, I have found it for you! Elizabeth Hand has written a wonderful combo of mystery and murder. With the short chapters, you'll be able to put down Hokuloa Road easily and will be left with a constant urge to pick it back up again. I found myself fascinated with Grady and his thoughts and analysis of the situations he finds himself in. It's smart and calculated thinking that kept me turning the pages. Simply wonderful.


From the Cover...
On a whim, Grady Kendall applies to work as a live-in caretaker for a luxury property in HawaiĘ»i, as far from his small-town Maine life as he can imagine. Within days he's flying out to an estate on remote Hokuloa Road, where he quickly uncovers a dark side to the island’s idyllic reputation: it has long been a place where people vanish without a trace.

When a young woman from his flight becomes the next to disappear, Grady is determined—and soon desperate—to figure out what's happened to Jessie, and to all those staring out of the island’s “missing" posters. But working with Raina, Jessie’s fiercely protective best friend, to uncover the truth is anything but easy, and with an inexplicable and sinister presence stalking his every step, Grady can only hope he'll find the answer before it's too late.

Perfect for fans of Peter Heller and The White Lotus, and from award-winning writer Elizabeth Hand, a master of crime fiction known for her magnetic characters, seductive prose, and fearless excavations into the darkest corners of our world, comes a chilling and illuminating new novel about a place unlike any other—and the deadly cost of keeping it so.

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