The Night They Vanished by Vanessa Savage

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Why do families keep secrets? Especially when there are so many issues around them. The Night They Vanished by Vanessa Savage has Hannah trying to figure out what has happened to her estranged family. She’s going to uncover secrets and issues she never knew existed. Many she had inclinations towards. There are going to be so many things from the past and the present that will help solidify exactly what happened. You are a fan of mystery thrillers that has your blood racing and your heart palpitating? Then this is just maybe the read for you! Happy publication day.


From the Cover...
A family with a secret. A past about to catch up with them.

Hanna has barely spoken to her family since the tragedy that rocked their lives fourteen years ago. The tragedy for which they held Hanna responsible.

Then she sees her family home listed as the scene of a horrific crime. Number of victims: three. Date of crime: today. Frantic, Hanna tries to contact her family, only to find they have disappeared.

To find them, Hanna will have to confront what happened all those years ago.

And the person determined to make her pay for it . . .

*Thank you to Grand Central Publishing and Novel Suspects for gifting me this copy.

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