The Billionaire & The Monk by Vibhor Kumar Singh

Releases May 24th ~ Get it on Amazon

This little hardcover book filled with inspiring stories about finding happiness and love is currently pride of place on my coffee table. The conversations and wisdom shared are touching and oddly sweet. It's a short read but a mighty inspiration.


From the Cover...
This charming fable full of motivation and wisdom follows a billionaire and a monk who cross paths and teach each other what it means to be happy.

What if you learn that everything you have been taught about happiness is false? What if you realize that happiness is not a goal and therefore it cannot be achieved? What if you discover that it is the ordinary path that leads to extraordinary treasure?

This is a story about how two men from different walks of life learn that neither robes of honor nor the total renunciation of worldly life is required to enjoy the most fundamental human desire – happiness. Happiness is not a philosophical enigma but an attainable state of the mind and everyone can cherish the greatest joys through the simplest and smallest acts of daily life.

*Thank you to the amazing people at @GCPBalance for sharing this title with me.

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