Dukes Do It Better by Bethany Bennett

Releases May 24th ~ Get it on Amazon

Okay, when do we get a Netflix show for The Misfits of Mayfair novels? Cause I need it!! Bethany Bennett delivers once more with the Duke of Trenton and the lovely Lady Hardwick. If you haven't read the first two books in the series stop what you're doing and grab them now. They are going to play a vital role in Dukes Do It Better. I enjoyed everything about this. From the way these two meet - to how they circumvent their current circumstances. It's all devilishly fun. I mean who doesn't want to be "pink from the sun"? 


From the Cover...
She can keep her secrets or risk her heart..
Lady Emma Hardwick has been living a lie—one that allowed her to keep her son and give him the loving home she’d never had. But now her journal, the one place she’d indulged in the truth, has been stolen. Whoever has it holds the power to bring the life she’s carefully built crumbling to the ground. With her past threatening everything she holds dear, the only person she can trust is the dangerously handsome, tattooed navy captain with whom she dared to spend one carefree night.

Captain Malachi Harlow, Duke of Trenton, would rather throw himself overboard than return to society. But when the Admiralty calls him back home, there is no room for refusal. Crossing paths with the delectable Lady Emma is a welcome distraction that takes a more serious turn when they discover they have a common enemy. Working together could help them both—but will it also bring a temptation neither can resist?

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