Put Out to Pasture by Amanda Flower

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Farmers markets murders in small towns? Yes yes and yes! Give me a cozy farm-to-table mystery and I am a happy girl! This is my first time reading Amanda flower and I’m happy to say it will not be my last. I love all the down-home neighbors, the prodigal daughter returning home to the farm in hopes of restoring and updating.

There are so many great facets to this mystery and I’m excited to snag book one and see where it all began. Recently released on March 22nd.


*Thank you to Poisoned Pen Press and Sourcebooks for sharing this title with me

From the Cover...
A delightful new cozy mystery from USA Today bestselling author Amanda Flower!

There's fowl play afoot on the farm

Shiloh Bellamy has saved her family's farm from financial ruin—but now what? She's barely scraping by on the farm's new organic business model and the fall festival she organized to drum up business comes to a screeching halt when the body of a prominent townswoman is discovered underneath a scarecrow in a nearby field. Worst of all, the evidence points to Shiloh's childhood best friend, Kristy, as the prime suspect.

Between cooking up delicious treats made with her farm's produce, convincing her cantankerous father to let her do things her own way, and dealing with a newcomer in town who could be serious competition for her customers, Shiloh doesn't have time to wade into a murder investigation. But with a killer on the loose and suspicious activity circling closer and closer to Shiloh and the people she loves, she realizes there's nothing to do but roll up her sleeves and get down to the dirty work of finding the killer and clearing Kristy's name once and for all.

This book is perfect for cozy mystery readers and fans of Kate Carlisle, Denise Swanson, and Bree Baker!

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