Killer View Roy Johansen

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This one is all Jessie Mercado! Can she get her own series, please? I mean, I guess it kind is but, you know what I'm saying. This is an incredibly fast-paced, no-nonsense kind of read. I love the rhythm and cadence of Jessie. Or should I say Johansen's writing style? It's oddly comforting the way the dialogue flows and moves. It's easy and fun for the reader.

One missing business partner has Owen Blake knocking on Jessie's door. He and his currently missing partner, help criminals prepare for jail. It's no surprise that the reason he could be missing is due in part to their business. What happens next is a nail-biting wild ride. 

Always entertaining and a must-buy anytime there's a new release. I can't sing enough praise for Roy Johansen.


*Thank you to Grand Central Publishing/Novel Suspects for sharing this title with me.

From the Cover...
New York Times bestselling author Roy Johansen delivers a thrill-a-minute read featuring a fearless heroine for hire.

Kendra Michaels, blind before gaining her sight via a revolutionary surgical procedure, offers her razor-sharp senses to assist her friend Jessie Mercado in a baffling case. An army vet and former bodyguard for the rich and famous, Jessie has faced all kinds of danger but one thing the motorcycle-riding private investigator has never encountered before is an incarceration consultant.

Preparing wealthy people to go to prison is big business. When Owen Blake of Mamertine Consulting hires Mercado to find his missing partner, their suspect list is filled with recently released white-collar criminals, a few drug kingpins, and a couple of murderers to keep things interesting.

As witnesses turn up dead and car chases leave destruction in their wake, Jessie and Kendra learn just how far someone will go to keep the fate of one man hidden. But why? Together they must hunt down the lethal secrets of Blake’s company, hell-bent on staying one step ahead of disaster.

[ID:Book cover has a person's blue eyes looking out with the authors' name, Roy Johansen, above and the title, Killer View, below. I am holding the book in my lap]


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