Mirror Image by Sandra Brown

Well, HELLO Mirror Image by Sandra Brown!!! She is now available in Mass Market Paperback!!  One of my absolute favorite go-to authors when I want some mystery and intrigue. This isnt a new book, but a reissue edition. What a wonderful way to get reacquainted with Browns work! Get it today on AMAZON 

When a TV reporter is injured in a Dallas-bound jet crash, she enters a world of mistaken identity and political intrigue in this action-packed romantic suspense novel.

The crash of a Dallas-bound jet isn't just a tragedy for TV reporter Avery Daniels; it's an act of fate that hands her a golden opportunity to further her career. But it also makes her the crucial player in a drama of violent passions and deadly desires.

After plastic surgery transforms her face, Avery is mistaken for the glamorous, selfish wife of Tate Rutledge, the famous senatorial candidate and member of a powerful Texas dynasty.
As she lays helpless in the hospital, Avery makes a shattering discovery: someone close to Tate planned to assassinate him. Now, to save him, she must live another woman's life -- and risk her own.

Thanks you to
Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book Group, and Forever Publishing for the Reissue edition. 
I am having a wonderful time!

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