Hello, Cookie Dough by Kristen Tomlan

GAH!!! Okay, if you are like me, the best part about baking cookies is eating the dough. ALWAYS! Well, friends, Kristen Tomlin has made eating cookie dough the most important part as well. Don't get me wrong... we actually cook the dough too :)

My childhood dreams have been fulfilled. One of the best presents a girl like me could ask for.

Safe-to-eat cookie doughs and baked treats from the creator of the world's first edible cookie dough shopFinally, you can eat cookie dough how you've always craved it: straight from the mixing bowl! In her rule-breaking first book, Kristen Tomlan, the Queen of Cookie Dough, spills her secrets about how to make cookie dough safe-to-eat and all of the best ways to enjoy it. Kristen is sharing 110 decadent recipes--a mix of fan favorites from her famous New York City confectionery and never-before-seen creations--each with an innovative twist.
HELLO, COOKIE DOUGH is filled with recipes for cookie dough lovers at every age and skill level. All 40 flavors, spanning the classic to the wildly creative, are ready to eat off the spatula OR can be baked into perfect, chewy cookies. Kristen's baked creations are equally tempting, with treats like cookie dough-stuffed cinnamon rolls, deep dish skillet cookies, and molten cookie dough cupcakes. Sprinkled throughout are her tips on perfecting your confections plus easy swaps to make the recipes gluten-free or vegan. Since cookie dough is best when shared, Kristen is serving up inspiration for all your party needs, including ideas for baby showers, weddings, ice cream parties, and the all-important girls' night in.

This is the unconventional baking book every person with a sweet tooth will love. Join Kristen on her mission to make cookie dough all about joy, transforming this once-forbidden treat from a "no-no" to HELLO!

**Thank you to  Grand Central Publishing for sending this my way**
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  1. I am not one to be easily offended, however I recieved this book as a secret sister gift and was reading the table of contents and was very offended by the title on page 104. I know I am only one of thousands who will read this book and my opinion probably doesn't matter but I was compelled to send this email.


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