Black Nowhere by Reece Hirsch

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Releases September 1st
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Did you say FBI And cybercriminals? Yes, you did!! If you know anything about me you'll know that with this setup, I'm all in. A multibillion-dollar black market is running online. Special Agent Lisa Tanchik is tasked with trying to find who's running the scheme and shut them down. She's a master of online discuses and personas. She'll have to pose as a criminal to find an even bigger one.

This is a dual POV read and I sincerely enjoyed the back and forth. I found Black Nowhere to be a compelling read for fans of the genre. 


Chasing a cybercriminal into the pitch-black heart of the Dark Web.

Special Agent Lisa Tanchik is the best at taking down cybercriminals. So when the FBI discovers a multibillion-dollar black market online, she’s tasked with finding the creator and bringing him to justice. Donning one of her many digital disguises, Tanchik goes undercover into the network.

Brilliant college student Nate Fallon started his site as an idealistic experiment. But his platform has made illegal trade not only more efficient—but also more dangerous. Now the FBI aren’t the only ones out to get him. As profits soar, a criminal organization casts its monstrous gaze on Fallon, and danger leaps from cyberspace into reality.

Feeling pressure from both sides of the law, Fallon is forced to make a decision with shattering consequences. Can Agent Tanchik find Fallon before his dangerous infrastructure falls into the wrong hands?

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