Sapphire & Planet Zero by Christina Blake

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Sixteen-year-old Sapphire Serel wants more out of her life. She lacks a close relationship with her parents, who fail to notice her. Day after day she feels herself drifting away from her once close friends. However, it isn't until people around the world start dying for unknown reasons that her life becomes exceptionally complicated. Sapphire’s life gets even stranger when her new cat, Toby, talks to her. He turns her world upside down, telling her that she is actually a creature from another planet! After hearing that she has a duty to fulfill a prophecy and save humanity from extinction, Sapphire believes she is going mad but is taken aback when her Grandma confirms the facts. After struggling with who she really is, Sapphire comes to terms with her destiny. With the help of her humorous talking cat and charming ex-boyfriend, Sapphire embarks on her journey to Planet Zero.

First-time author Christina Blake was kind enough to send me a copy of her book, Sapphire & Planet Zero for consideration and review. I discovered a great YA tale of a talking cat, family secrets, and the wonder of outer-worldly inhabited planets. 

It's a fun and fast-paced journey into the unknown for a young, yet confident Sapphire Serel. She finds unlikely friends and discovers worlds she could never have dreamed of... until now. Adventure and the unknown is calling.

This is a charming world that Christina Blake has created, and I can't wait to connect with and spend more time in it. Who knows what she'll come up with next!



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