The Orchid Sister by Anne D. LeClaire

🌺 Released  May 7th 🌺

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A heartbreaking and intriguing read. This is my first opportunity to read Anne D. LeClaire and I’m super excited to continue! I’m only a few chapters in and I’m already trying to sneak in more reading time. A big thank you to @lakeunionauthors and @amazonpublishing for sending it my way.

The people you love are taken from you. That's what Maddie DiMarco learned when she survived the plane crash that killed her parents. Fifteen years later, the scars remain. And the ones no can see are hardest to heal. Since the accident, Maddie's avoided the unpredictable and uncaring outside world, including any relationships--except for the one with her devoted older sister, Kat, who has always been there for her.

When Maddie meets handsome pilot Jack Moroni, she finally begins to let down her guard. But just as quickly, her hope and trust are once again shattered when a plane crash forces her to revisit her traumatic past. Maddie turns to her sister for comfort and guidance, only to realize that Kat is missing.

But Kat hasn't vanished without a trace. An investigative journalist, she's left behind a subtle trail of clues leading to the mysterious, myth-shrouded Yucatán coast of Mexico. To follow it, Maddie must confront her deepest fears--of flying, of intimacy, and of loss. She hopes that in doing so, she will find her sister. And if she's lucky, she may also find herself along the way. 🌺

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