Frozen by Christine Amsden ~ Review

Apparently, life doesn’t end when you get married.

Cassie Scot is called away from her daughter’s first birthday party when a young couple is found frozen to death in their living room. The couple ran a daycare out of their home, making preschoolers the key witnesses and even the prime suspects.

The investigation takes a dangerous turn when a deputy is attacked by a hell hound, a creature nobody has seen in hundreds of years. Then the mist rolls in, bringing with it the cold. Cassie has to think fast to survive, and her actions cause a rift between her and her husband.

No, life doesn’t end after marriage. All hell can break loose at any time.

Ebook Release: April 25, 2018
Print Release: June 15, 2018 (tentative)
Audiobook Release: TBA

Dear Christine,
Write more for you. THIS. IS. FANTASTIC. Dare I say your best? Yes, I think it is. 

It's what Christine Amsden wrote at the end of Frozen. She wrote it for herself and published it for the fans. I feel like that is what she needs to continue to do. The flow, content, and love that poured out of the pages of Frozen prove that.

The story was tight, yet incredibly engaging. People like me, who've read her from the beginning, will be absolutely thrilled with the way Cassie is now adulting. Its an honest look at parenthood and a relatively fresh marriage.  The way these two are learning to communicate and still function is what many young couples with a baby go through. Throw in the fantasy and paranormal elements, along with the immensely engaging mystery, and you have a perfect way to catch up on the family and all those that surround them.

I feel there is more to come in the Cassie Scott world. This story ain't over, in all honesty, it's just beginning (hint-hint Christine)

One of the best in the series thus far!


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