Born, Darkly by Trish Wolfe ~Review~

Born, Darkly

Trisha Wolfe

(Darkly, Madly Duet, #1)
Publication date: September 19th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

He challenged her sanity.
She shattered his reality.
They dared each other…to the brink of madness.
A dark and twisted maze awaits criminal psychologist London Noble when she falls for her patient, convicted serial killer, Grayson Pierce Sullivan. As she unravels the traps, her sanity tested with each game, she’s forced to acknowledge the true evil in the world around her.

Review by Tanja

Born, Darkly is a dark, twisted, and filthy seduction. A doctor with a secret. A convicted death row patient with tormented answers. Doctor London Nobel and serial killer Grayson Sullivan see things within each other that they shouldn’t: a kindred spirit. What happens between them becomes more than patient-Doctor. 

Dr. Nobel lives a life of lonely solitude, for the most part. She’s trying to understand her own demons outside work and looking for answers to unlock her past.

“Were my memories even real anymore, or just fragments of the truth tangled with my nightmares? Like an old cassette tape being recorded over and over, my memories now play back a garbled distorted song.”

Grayson Sullivan has long understood his psychotic predilection. He’s calculated and has motives beyond anything anyone dreamed of. He’s an angel of death for the depraved. The serial killer of killers. He only comes for you if you’ve done very, very bad things. If your heart is pure, you have nothing to fear. He will force a very confused and yet eager doctor to face her fears and do the unthinkable.

“We weren’t born the day we took our first breath. We were born the moment we stole it”

In all honesty, this is not only one of my favorite reads this year, but one of my favorites from author Trisha Wolfe. She has attempted to leave her writing comfort zone and jump into a genre that is more gripping and dark than her previous works. It can be a scary adventure with a precarious outcome when she challenges her fans to come along for the ride. I, for one, found myself hanging onto the bumper by my fingernails; sometimes having to cover my eyes, yet looking through my fingers for what was to come next.

Born, Darkly is a forbidden relationship fraught with a fantastically diabolically twisted plot. 
A must read.

“She is my salvation. And I am her long-awaited consequence.”



About the Author

From an early age, Trisha Wolfe dreamed up fantasy worlds and characters and was accused of talking to herself. Today, she lives in South Carolina with her family and writes full time, using her fantasy worlds as an excuse to continue talking to herself.
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