The All-Star Antes Up (Wager of Hearts #2) by Nancy Herkness

What a fun little read. FYI, you do not have to have read book one in this series to be able to enjoy The All-Star Antes Up. Always a plus in any series read. However, there is a running thread that will make you curious about book one and the other book to come.

So, the lovely Miranda Tate is the darling of her concierge company. To all but her boss, who tries his best to put her down, ensnare her in trouble and just plain be annoying. It’s when he is conspiring to get her in trouble that she meets the resident of the buildings penthouse, Luke Archer.

The football star and self-made billionaire has no time or patience for petty and blatantly asinine behavior. What he sees is a beautiful, smart woman getting flack for having refused an improper request from his jerk of a brother.

What culminates between these two begins as an apology and ends in romance.
Sweet fun and a quick little read perfect for a sunny afternoon.

3 Stars

Coming May 31st
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“No strings, no rings.” That’s Luke Archer’s motto. As the champion quarterback for the New York Empire—not to mention a self-made billionaire—Luke has given up on serious relationships. Women only want him for one thing: the thrill of being with a superstar. And he can’t risk love distracting him from his next Super Bowl victory. But when his best friend announces he’s retiring from football to spend time with his wife and kids, Luke feels like he’s missing out on something much bigger than his career.
The assistant concierge in Luke’s luxury high-rise, Miranda Tate fled her family’s dairy farm to come to the bright lights of New York City. She works hard to move up and sends her spare earnings home to her brother. When she and Luke meet, there’s an instant attraction, but they’re in completely different leagues. Could Miranda be just the woman Luke needs to win the most important game of his life?

*ARC provided by Montlake Romance via Netgalley

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