Dragons Will Fall by Susan Scott (Kingdom Come #1)


An outcast magician with lousy control...
Kas is a half-light with the “gift” of invisibility and healing, but her sometimes deadly magic makes her distrusted by her own people. In an effort to prove her worth and save her people from execution, she infiltrates an enemy castle on a spy mission, but is kidnapped by a powerful intruder. When her only friend is taken hostage as well, Kas has no choice but to embrace her volatile magic and turn to her captor for help.

A dragon-shifter king with an island in revolt...
Cullen is the most powerful dragon of his generation, but strength and cunning won’t stop the mysterious scourge killing his kinsmen. After he steals Kas away to heal them, he’s incensed to find her magic is uncontrollable. Despite her unpredictable powers and non-existent fighting skills, he soon becomes convinced she holds the key to saving the dying dragon race. He’s willing to do anything to gain her cooperation. Even if it means breaking all taboos and seducing the crafty little magician.

With a kingdom of enemies after them both, Kas and Cullen must learn to trust each other before their kingdoms are rendered extinct.

DRAGONS WILL FALL is a full-length HEA, stand-alone fantasy romance about a woman who doesn’t trust anyone, not even herself, and the Dragon King who convinces her to examine her fears and desires. The series may appeal to fans of Warprize, Throne of Glass, Radiance, and the Dragon Blood series. Due to “open-door” sexual content and dastardly-dude-comeuppance, this book is recommended for mature readers.
5 stars*****

I really should read more fantasy books... I always enjoy them. There is just something nice about slipping into a completely different world and it was just what I needed! Add in a little dragon love and well, that's a win win combination.
This author has created a unique world comprised of dragons, magicians, half-breeds, and humans. The half-breeds are humans who have some magic but are not full magicians. They are considered outcasts and live in hiding and on the run from the humans that hunt them. There are a lot of layers to this world, plenty of action and of course... a little bit of steamy romance to tie it all together.
Kas is a half-breed who finds herself not quite fitting in anywhere. She's exactly the kind of heroine that I love because despite the fact that everyone seems to be working against her, she pushes forward anyway to do what needs to be done. I loved watching her character grow from the desperate outcast to the strong capable powerful woman she was meant to be.
Cullen is a dragon who is desperate to find help for a sickness that is plaguing his people. He hunts Kas down in the hopes of using her magic to help find a cure. As the story develops, a strong relationship of trust develops between them. An unlikely match between a human and dragon, but as she comes into her power they seemed to fit together perfectly.
This is a great start to this series. And, plenty of supporting characters that I can't wait to read more about in future installments. The teaser at the end of the book definitely has me curious about Muriel, Kas's best friend, and what she's up too. Sounds like that is going to be an entertaining read.

This can be read as a stand alone!

ARC was provided by the author. :)

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            Kingdom Come Series Info
Book 1: Dragons Will Fall, (Kas and Cullen) September 2015
 Book 2: Waters Will Rage, (Muriel and Hank), early 2016
 Book 3: Kingdom Come, (Felix and Lettie), late 2016 

 About Susan Scott

Mrs. Scott is an Award of Excellence finalist and Angie Award winner for her dragon-filled romance stories. She lives with her family in Southern Missouri and loves connecting with readers through social media. 

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Armati dragged her to the library door, kicked the guard aside, and pulled her into the hallway. No other guards seemed to be coming. If she let him drag her from the castle, she would be lost. Her best chance at escape was now, when he dealt with the humans. Kas turned herself to invisible and wrenched away, but his grip didn't waver.
At the top of the stairs, he paused and spoke directly into her ear. “Behave.”
She fought in earnest, kicking and hitting at him all the way down, but only managed to bang her heels on the risers. Armati pulled her past the hearth room to the kitchen. Behind them, a bell rang a single repeated clang, signaling that the castle was under attack.
“Leave, now,” he said as they entered the kitchen. The servants looked at him slack-jawed and fled out the door.
Kas released her hold on her cells, and the hum of transformation zipped along her nerves, allowing her body to become wholly visible. “Let me go,” she said. “Or I'll start screaming and bring the guards.”
His eyes swept from her toes to her face. “You'll scream?” An amused muscle twitched near his mouth. “I'm terrified.” He opened the cellar door and gave her a push downward.
She braced her arms wide on the open door, resisting by holding the doorframe.
Armati brought his face to her ear, and the scrape of his beard abraded the side of her chin. “Get in. Now.” The words puffed along her neck, sending chills down her back.
She rammed her right leg to his groin, but he caught her knee in a tight grip before she made contact. He smiled the slow, taunting smile from the library, and slowly lifted her leg past her waist. She jumped on her left foot to keep her balance.
Armati crowded her so she had to back step down the cellar stairs. He closed the door behind them and followed. Damp earth and stored onions filled her nostrils. Muted light from the kitchen permeated the wooden floorboards above their heads.
“They'll find you.” She composed her voice. “You'll never get away.”
He stalked toward her, and she forced herself not to cower. His eyes dropped to her brown tunic, pants, and boots. “Who are you?”
“I’m no one.”
“Not true,” he said with a sardonic twist of his lips. “You've got a wicked right knee.” He walked closer and she retreated until her back hit the cellar wall. “And magic, so you're either a full Magician or a Half-Light.”
“I am no one,” she repeated.
Without warning, he reached forward and pulled open her shirt.
“Hey!” Buttons scattered to the dirt.
Armati turned her so her chemise pressed to the musty wall. He yanked her woolen shirt off her shoulders and his hands lifted her under shirt from her back. His cursory inspection told her that he wasn't after seduction.
“What are you doing?”
He released her and she flipped around and tugged her clothes together. “You've no markings, and the Magicians aren't prone to leave the mountain. You're a Half-Light.” He gazed at her thoughtfully. “You know where the healer is.”
Kas shook her head. “No, I don't.”
“I can hear your heart beat and smell your emotions.” Armati leaned forward and inhaled deeply. “You're lying.”
She pressed her lips closed and crossed her arms over her ruined shirt. “I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.”
Overhead, boots stomped across the wood floor, sending dirt showering down. Armati stepped closer, crowding her against the wall. The heat of his body leached through the narrow space between them. “Is invisibility all you can do?”
She knew how to be quiet.
Armati held his hands up in mock surrender and stepped back a foot. “I need to talk to your leader.”
“What makes you think I'm not our leader?”
He dragged his gaze from her feet to her face, lingering briefly on her chest. A blush heated her cheeks and she pulled her arms tighter around her torso. “You can't lead people without good boots. Never know when you're going to need to stick one up an ass.”


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