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I'm getting ready to release my 40th novel!  It's a huge career milestone for me, and I hope all of you will help me celebrate by enjoying my new trilogy, "The Lost Lords of Radcliffe."
The three books are a "real" trilogy, with one story leading into the next and the drama building with each novel.  I'm releasing them over the summer so you'll be able to read the 2nd and 3rd books right away without having to wait months or years to find out what happens.  HEART'S DELIGHT will be here on June 1st.  HEART'S DESIRE is coming on July 1st.  And Book 3, HEART'S DEMAND--my 40th novel!!!--will be here onAugust 1st.  It will be a great summer of sexy, yummy reading. 
The 3 novels will be released as e-books and print books.  The e-version will be available for all e-readers, but the print books will not appear in stores.  They will have to be ordered on-line at Amazon.  The covers are beautiful, the stories breathtaking, heartbreaking, dramatic, and thrilling.  I think it's my best work yet.
I hope you'll spend the summer--with me!  And my Lost Lords of Radcliffe.  Coming June, July, and August of 2015.

Cheryl Holt is a New York TimesUSA Today, and Amazon "Top 100" bestselling author of forty novels.
She's also a lawyer and mom, and at age 40, with two babies at home, she started a new career as a commercial fiction writer. She'd hoped to be a suspense novelist, but couldn't sell any of her manuscripts, so she ended up taking a detour into romance, where she was stunned to discover that she has an incredible knack for writing some of the world's greatest love stories.
She is considered to be one of the masters of the romance genre, and her emotional, dramatic, and riveting stories of passion and illicit love have captivated fans around the world. She has won or been nominated for many national awards. For many years, she was hailed as "The Queen of Erotic Romance", and she's also revered as "The International Queen of Villains." She is particularly proud to have been named "Best Storyteller of the Year" by the trade magazine Romantic Times BOOK Reviews.
Cheryl lives and writes in Hollywood, California.
Synopsis for Lost Lord's series
Evangeline Etherton grew up as an orphan and charity case at Miss Peabody’s School for Girls.  But she was always haunted by memories of the loving family and siblings she’d once had.  As a tiny girl, her father passed away, and her mother was wrenched from their lives and transported on a prison ship to Australia.  Her three brothers were cast to the winds of fate and vanished from her life, but she was too young to understand why.
What happened to her mother and brothers?  Might her mother still be alive?  And what about her brothers?  Evangeline vows to learn the answers to those questions and begins her quest to find them and bring them all home.

Synopsis for first book HEART'S DELIGHT:
Three little lost lords, cast to the winds of fate...

So begins CHERYL HOLT'S breathtaking new trilogy, The Lost Lords of Radcliffe...

MICHAEL SCOTT grew up an orphan on the streets of London. He has no memories of his past, but he's haunted by terrible dreams and always feels as if he lost something vital and precious along the way. Through cunning and determination, he's become rich, prosperous, and dangerous. As a brigand and criminal, he knows how to fight and survive any battle. But when he had such a rough beginning as a child, how has he managed to thrive so spectacularly? How can he ever learn the truth?

MAGDALENA WELLS runs a charity mission in London's worst slums. Although she's heard many vicious rumors about treacherous, deceitful Michael Scott, when she meets him, she can't help but fall under his spell. He is the most extraordinary person she's ever encountered. If ancestry makes the man, how is she to account for his remarkable traits? His drive and accomplishments have propelled him to the highest levels of London society—which is exactly where he seems to belong. How could a ruffian be so brilliant and successful? What is his true history? Can Magdalena help to reveal the secrets he's always been dying to discover?
Join CHERYL HOLT as she once again weaves a beloved tale of family, loyalty, love, and loss. As the truth about the "lost" lords is gradually revealed, readers will be cheering...
Mr. Scott waved his employee away, and the man slinked out and closed the door.  The quiet settled, and very quickly Maggie grasped she should have had the guard stay. 

She’d been truthful when she said she wasn’t afraid of Mr. Scott.  He oozed virility and stamina in a manner no other male of her acquaintance ever had, but she sensed no menace from him.  He might preen and posture, and she’d heard he could be deadly if provoked, but she didn’t feel he would harm her.

Still though, she hated having the door shut.  The room was small, and he simply took up too much space in it.  She wanted to walk over and yank the door open, but she’d insisted he didn’t scare her, and she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of thinking that she might have been lying.

He stared, waiting for her to start, and it occurred to her that this would be much more difficult than she’d assumed.  On the way over she’d drafted a pretty speech in her head, but now that they were face to face, she couldn’t begin.

He wasn’t what she’d been expecting at all.

Terrible tales constantly swirled about him and his antics.  He’d grown up on the streets of London, an orphan who was brilliant and dangerous and amoral.  He would cheat and steal and rob or kill without a ripple in his conscience—if it increased his personal wealth.

He owned the gambling club and was a gambler himself, but he also loaned money at exorbitant interest rates, and he owned buildings and property and ships.  He smuggled and blackmailed and purportedly engaged in every unsavory business practice ever devised. 

He had a penchant for violence too, and because of the gossip she’d always pictured him as an ogre, the kind who huddled under bridges and devoured unsuspecting travelers. 

But he wasn’t horrid.  He was handsome and clean-shaven and obviously rich.  Dressed casually in a flowing white shirt and tan trousers, his clothes were exquisitely tailored and sewn from expensive fabrics.  

He was much younger than she’d expected too.  She’d envisioned him as being grim and elderly, but he wasn’t much older than she was.  She was twenty-five, and he was probably thirty.  There was a rough edge to him though, as if he’d struggled and persevered through difficulties she’d never had to experience.

“I’m busy, Miss Wells, so get on with it, would you?  Are you here to scold me, evangelize, or beg me for a donation?”

His snide tone jolted her out of her stupor.  “I hadn’t thought of asking you for a donation, but I’d love you to contribute to the mission.”

“You’re not too proud to take ill-gotten gains?”

She scoffed.  “No.  Ill-gotten gains and virtuous gains buy the same kinds of food for the hungry.”

“That they do.”

His intense scrutiny was disturbing, and she was perplexed by the offer of charitable money.  She’d believed him to be cruel and vicious and was disconcerted by the evident disparities in his character.  Perhaps there was some hope for success.

“Have you heard of the Rescue Mission?” she inquired.

“Of course.  In this neighborhood, who hasn’t?”

“Vicar Sterns and his wife purchased it several years ago.  They’ve passed on, and I run it now.”


“Yes.  Why are you so surprised?”

“A stiff wind would blow you over.”

“What has that to do with anything?”

“You just don’t seem the type.”

She snorted with disgust.  “What type is that?”

“You’re too pretty to dabble with the less fortunate, and since you’re a miss, you’re not married.  Why aren’t you?  You should be home tending a dozen brats instead of trying to aid desperate people who couldn’t care less.”

His comment required so many retorts that she was dizzy with figuring out which she should address first.

He thought she was pretty!  How thrilling!

Yet she shoved away the remark, refusing to linger over it like a dog at a bone.  No, she wasn’t married, and the reason was too humiliating to reveal and she never discussed it.  As to her helping others, how dare he denigrate her efforts!


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