Silver Nights With You by Sawyer Belle

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The town was lawless, the people rough, and nothing west of the Missouri River set the wagon wheels spinning like the glitter of silver and gold. When Lila Cameron stepped off the bullet-riddled stage coach in Gold Hill, NV life never looked so bleak. That is, until her father announced that they would be staying. She took on her new life with pluck, wading through a sea of sin and everything that ever made the west wild, and just when she felt in control, she found herself targeted by three men. One who wanted to wed her. One who wanted to bed her. And one who wanted her dead.

Morgan Kelly wanted a wife and a peaceful life in the shadows of the Sierras. When the young debutante from the east coast swept into his town, he fell instantly. But she made it clear that her affection lie elsewhere and he did his best to let her go. Fate and the devious intentions of other men pushed them together, and there was no going back for either of their hearts. But the way forward was filled with danger.

Against the backdrop of the greatest silver boom in the history of America, Morgan and Lila fight through the perils of early mining, western justice and the fear of hope.
5 Gun Slingin' warms yer' heart stars!*****

It's been a while since I've read a western romance and I really enjoyed this one. Great characters, nice love story and very well written... :)
Lila finds herself headed to the West with her father after the death of her mother. She's not happy about leaving the place she's always called home. After some unfortunate circumstances, they find themselves settling in a small mining town where Silver is on everyone's minds.
Lila is quickly taken aback by the wild, carefree and uncivilized nature of this little community but at the same time finds that she fits in quite well. I loved her character and how she wasn't afraid to take up for herself. Strong female characters always appeal to me and she was definitely one of my favorites in a while. There were several scenes where I found myself laughing out loud at the things she did or the circumstances she found herself in because of her feisty nature. She was truly an enjoyable and memorable character.
Morgan is a guy who has always been on the move but he's ready to settle down and find a place to call home. Luck was on his side when he and his brother were able to stake a claim to one of the silver mines. Now, with a little money in his pocket, he is finally able to fulfill his dream. Finding a woman wasn't really on his agenda but that all changed when he saw the beautiful Lila step off the stage all bedraggled from the unfortunate events that occurred upon their arrival to the West.
Lila is torn between Morgan, who has awakened desires she's never felt before and David, a man that reminds her of the type of gentleman she would find back home. And, unfortunately, she has also drawn the attention of a stage bandit who is now out for revenge.
This story flowed so well that I felt like I was sitting in front of my television watching one of those wonderful Western Romances like I used to do with my mom. I smiled, I giggled and even shed a tear or two... especially during the scenes where she is missing her mother. Mom stuff always gets me going lately...
I loved watching Morgan and Lila slowly fall in love... their love story was sweet, endearing and warmed my heart!
I loved this... and, if you like Western Romance I definitely recommend it.

Thanks so much to the author for the complimentary copy!

Coming Soon on April 1st, 2015
Love in the Sierras: Book two  
Desert Sunrise
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Identity is a fickle thing, ever changing to meet the demands of its owner. Collette Barbier escapes her past, hiding in the shuffle of a busy boomtown. When the young and handsome Val sets his sights on discovery, she vows he’ll get more than he bargained for. Trouble is, so does she when he unwittingly entangles her in a dangerous game of politics.
Valentine Kelly knows Collette is gorgeous, but she is also shrill, shrewish and stubborn with a scolding tongue fierce enough to send the boldest man into a cower. And…she killed his best friend in a shootout. There is absolutely nothing to entice him. Until he realizes she is not who she’s pretending to be. She’s much, much more. He'll risk everything he's fought to keep, and he'll do it for the one thing he never thought he wanted.
Her past is haunting. His present's a threat. Their future, uncertain. Their love? Forever.
This rowdy sequel to Silver Nights With You continues the story of the Kelly brothers in true, western fashion! 
When she returned to the room, Val was curled into a fetal position. She studied him for a long moment during which he shivered several times. She grabbed a blanket from the trunk behind the sofa and softly laid it over him. He snuggled into it and sighed, and she couldn’t hold back the small smile tugging at her lips.
Her eyes traced his jawline up to his mouth. His lips looked soft and warm, as they had earlier in the day when he’d held her in the spring and she was merely inches from them. She slid her tongue out over her lips, wondering what they would feel like against his. What kind of kisser was Valentine Kelly? His eyes fluttered open, drunkenly, and she spun around before he could read her thoughts.
Once she shed her duster, she knelt before the hearth and piled bits of kindling beneath a tent of thicker logs and lit a fire. When its flames were fully stoked, she turned to find Val sitting up again, his hooded gaze traveling her body.
“Hot damn, Collette. I had no idea what a fine figure you cut beneath your gowns.”
“If you vant to see how vell I cut,” she held the fire poker aloft, “carry on speaking to me like zat.”
He chuckled and laid his head back against the cushion. “You feisty little Frenchie. That’s what I call you, you know?”
“I have noticed, Monsieur.”
He said nothing, but studied the flare of her hips accentuated by the robe, and though she knew he could see nothing of her skin, she felt the singe of her flesh just the same. She crossed her arms over her chest, and he chuckled again, reaching out to pat the empty cushion.
“Why don’t you come here beside me? You’re starting to tempt me and my mobility is somewhat limited.”
She snorted. “In your present state, I’m sure you’d find a pig tempting.”
He raised his eyebrows in thought, then nodded. “Perhaps. But you’re a close second.”
A thin breath scraped through her lips and into her lungs. “If I’m close to anything, it’s to hitting you on the head and ridding me of the nuisance.”
He smiled, suddenly looking far more sober than he had a few moments earlier. “I promise to go to bed like a good boy…if you kiss me goodnight.”
Collette looked at the ceiling and massaged the bridge of her nose. “As romantic as it is to kiss a man whose tongue has just scraped the insides of another woman’s throat, I believe I will pass on the offer.” She stood, ignoring the slight curl of his lips and the knowing look in his eyes. “If you need another blanket, there are some in the trunk.”
Without a backward glance, she entered her room and climbed into bed with Helene.

I'm a Las Vegas native who enjoys the travels and turbulence of a good story. I love history and I love having an intense love to cheer for and that is what I try to offer my readers: an adventure of heart and history.  

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