Compromise Agreement by Isobel Hart

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 Compromise (ˈkɒmprəmʌɪz)
1. (n.) An agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concession
2. (n.) The acceptance of standards that are lower than is desirable
3. (vb.) Bring into disrepute or danger by indiscreet, foolish, or reckless behaviour

When life places you a breath away from sleeping in doorways what would you be willing to do? As Natasha Watts and Sophia Riley watch their lives crumble in front of their eyes, Matthew Faulkner offers the best friends a lifeline. Fascinated and terrified in equal measure by the man, Natasha must decide if the benefits outweigh the risks... if she is willing to compromise and risk being compromised.  And if she does? What will be left when it is all over?

4 stars****
I do love this Indie author... she has a very nice writing style and she knows how to write characters who are flawed but at the same time likable. Sophie and Natasha have been lifelong friends. Sophie has decided it's time to walk out on her failing marriage and Natasha, well... at age 32 she is starting to give up on finding that special someone.
Both of these ladies find themselves in a jobless predicament and are offered an opportunity to go into a contract with the very wealthy Matthew Faulkner. He likes to keep a lady on his arms to help keep away the many women who stalk him on a regular basis. This is not a sexual arrangement but rather a sort of friends only arrangement with the only requirement being they must be available 24/7 for his beck and call. Easy money right?? :) Natasha hesitantly agrees to go into the contract for the sake of her friend Sophie. She is not a fan of Mr. Arrogant and Bossy... or so she thinks!
The story that develops from that point forward is a frustrating one for Matthew and Natasha. She's not very good at complying to his rules and neither of them are so good at keeping their intense physical attraction for each other at bay. What started as a simple business plan, quickly gets all murky and complicated when real emotions get involved. Contracts are all well and good for the sake of business but they aren't very useful when it comes to matters of the heart! Sometimes you just need more... trust, commitment and taking a chance on someone takes a lot of risk. Will Matthew be able to take that chance?? You'll have to read to find out...
The story got off to a bit of a slow start but when it picked up I found myself fully absorbed and turning the pages. And other than a little bit of a rushed ending... I really liked how everything pulled together.
Another great story by this author... and I'm looking forward to more. :)

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