Burning Desire: Part Four by Donna Grant (Dark Kings #3)

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The Dark Kings have fought for centuries to preserve their dragon magic. But can one warrior resist the greatest temptation of all. . .?
Burning Desire: Part 4 by Donna Grant concludes. One epic battle and daring escape later, and Kiril is back safe with the Dragon Kings, but the ache he feels for Shara is overwhelming. He could never expect her to leave her family. But Shara was always a Fae full of surprises—and as their love burns brighter and hotter, Kiril knows she is destined to stand beside him through the ages…

5 stars*****

This was the last installment of this 4 part serial... and as usual I was not disappointed with the outcome... AND this author has left us hanging just enough to keep us on our toes until the next installment! These 4 installments are now available in a full book so you can read them all in one go. Burning Desire (Dark Kings, #3) by Donna Grant
Kiril and Shara are one of my favorite couples so far in this series primarily because I prefer a match between two paranormals. It always takes the passion up a notch for me. The element of doubt between Kiril and Shara because she is a Dark Fae definitely raised the tension up a notch. The ending surprised me and I have a feeling that the lines between the light and dark fae are not as clearly drawn as we once thought.
I loved that we got more involvement from the Queen of the Light Fae. Hope we see more of her again... a very cool character.
I won't go into detail about the plot in this last installment because it would be way too spoilery but it did leave me with some questions:

Will our beloved Rhi be the same light Fae we have loved in the previous books?? I have a feeling a much darker Fae is in our future with maybe a bit of revenge in store for all those who apply?
Who the heck was her Dragon King lover?? I think I know... but, I'm not positive... perhaps the author is messing with our heads! It's possible...

This is an on-going series and yes, you need to go back and start with book one or you will be lost! Just FYI...

Can't wait to see what the author has in store for the next book in the series...

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