Burning Desire: Part 2 by Donna Grant (Dark Kings #3)

Release day is September 16, 2014!
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The Dark Kings have fought for centuries to preserve their dragon magic. But can one warrior resist the greatest temptation of all. . .?Even though he knows he should keep his distance, Kiril is falling hard for Shara. But when Shara uncovers what Kiril has been looking for all along, she is faced with a choice—hide the information from him? Or tell him the truth, even if it means death should her family learn what she’s done? As overwhelming desire builds between them, Shara knows she cannot lie to the one who has captured her, body and soul. Kiril knows he shouldn’t trust this Dark Fae who is slowly learning all his secrets, but as they are drawn closer together, he is unable to resist her…in Burning Desire: Part 2 by Donna Grant

5 stars*****
Another great installment... this series just gets better and better! In this second installment things step up a notch as Shara makes a daring move to align herself with Balladyn. I love this strong, gutsy and determined female!
Burning Desire has an edginess to it that draws you into the story and doesn't let go... so much so that I'm definitely heading straight into the third installment. 'Cause we're about to see some serious action between the Kiril and the Dark Fae. I'm on the edge of my seat!
A battle between Balladyn and Farrell?? Yep... I need that! Farrell could use a bit of a butt kickin'... and Balladyn is just the guy for the job.
We're still left hanging on the fate of Rhi... but, an unexpected helper is going to step in I think... that was a bit of a surprise.
Anyway... I'm off to read part three now...

ARC provided by St. Martin's Press
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