The King by JR Ward ~ T's Review

First off, can I say how much I loved the length if this book? YES! I just hate that we have to wait another year for the next one. Wow, just wow. So much to say and so much going on here it’s hard to decide where to begin.

I will go more in-depth and update this review after the book has been out for awhile but for now I will just hit the high points.

We shift between past and present as we parallel between Wrath and Beth, and Wraths mother and father. It was good to see where all the intensity came from. The hard and the soft with the reversal of it all between the generation.

Oh Wrath and Beth had it OUT in this one. So good, so sad, so loving and so infuriating. And I loved every moment between these two. It’s real life folks it aint easy all the time.

Layla and Xcor- I cannot wait to see where this goes. Xcor working the wardrobe equals a giggle from me.

Saxton- I really felt for him here, on so many levels.

Sola- Wow girl. I skim read through her bits in Lover At Last, but I found myself engrossed with her and Assail this time. I am captivated with these two and I like it.

Lassiter- Sparkly brilliance with comic relief

Rhage gave me the biggest laugh of all. I wish we had more time with the brothers though. I missed them and wanted a bit more of alone time with them as a collective. Does that make sense?

I really did find the ending to be smart. Warden is bringing it into the twenty first century. Smart move in my opinion and it opens the series up to getting back to kicking ass while cleaning up the streets.

Okay so those are my highlights. My negatives? I would have say the name dropping and some of the pop culture stuff. It can date a book and make it seem “stale” later on down the road. Plus some people just won’t get the references.

All in all I am giving it a 4.5

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