Soul Surrender (Soul Stripper #3) by Katana Collins

 Wow, just wow. We are back in full force with Monica working it on stage, and her new main squeeze, Damien, sitting front and center. I gotta say right off that I like the two of them together. He gets her, and she doesn’t have to worry about sucking the life out of him…. literally. It’s just a flash, but when Monica thinks she sees Drew her world begins to spin.

All the players are back - trying to keep an eye on Monica and keep the fallen angel safe from the bounty on her head. A visit from Buckley, the one responsible for her fall from grace, sets in motion the disappearance of her boss, friend and protector Lucien.

Much time is spent going back and forth from present to past with Monica and Lucien. It really did change the way I look at their relationship. So much is revealed about Lucien and his past, and it plays very much into the ending of Soul Surrender.

The action was awesome, the banter is witty and funny, and the sex as always is hot and spicy, but what moved me the most was Monica’s love for all the people around her, even the ones that don’t really deserve it. I supposed that once an angel of such purity and love, no matter what happens, you can’t change the goodness deep within.

From what I gather in the end, this is the last book in the series. Although I am sad to see it end, I really did like these characters. I will say - I was a bit perplexed with the choice of ending. It seemed to be lacking somehow. It needed fireworks and I got a sparkler instead. I guess after all the struggle and heartache I wanted an epic ending, but it was more of an ‘eh?’

All in all, I give it 4 stars and if I am to rate the series as a whole 5 coffee swilling, pheromone wafting stars!  ((winky face))
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First things first... this is NOT a stand alone... this is book three and you really must start with book one or it won't have the same impact. I've been invested in this series since book one and so I was ready and waiting for this final installment.
The whole gang returns for book three and Monica finds herself in a bit of a conundrum. She has a mark on her head and still doesn't know who is after her. She is also being pulled between Julian, the angel who was once her mentor... Drew, the man she has always loved but has purposely stayed away from to ensure his soul is untarnished by her succubus power... Our hot, steamy and oh so dreamy elemental Damien who for all sense and purposes is her perfect match because he is unaffected by her power... and then there is the blast from her past Lord Buckley, the sorcerer. So, will she settle for a consolation prize or will she finally get to be with the one who has always held her heart? You will find out by the end of this book... :)
I personally was a huge, huge, fan of Damien... and, my heart went out to his character. I would love to see him get his own book! Out of all of the characters, I felt he was the one who deserved Monica's love the most. It was his character that made me love book two!
In this book we find out more about Lucien, her demon boss. And, I have to say, I love his character so much more now that I know his whole story. There is so much more to Monica and the power she holds that surprises everyone, even her. And, I really liked how the author turned her character around and connected all of the dots.
My only complaint with book three was the very rushed ending... with all that Monica went through in all three books it seemed like the ending would have packed a bigger action punch! I've always felt bad for Monica because being forced to steal souls for hell instead of saving them for heaven was always something she was heavily conflicted about and I couldn't wait to see how the author worked all this out. And, I was happy for Monica in the end...
Since Monica is a succubus this series is very, very erotic and sexual and it's loaded with scenes in which Monica draws in her victims. Even though she tries hard only to feed off of souls that are already hell bound... she still hates it. There were times when I was very frustrated with all of these so called men who say they love her... and Monica was very naïve in putting her faith into some of them. But, I love stories that center around complicated and conflicted characters. Monica is just that... and, I enjoyed the evolution of her character.
For whatever reason, this series does not seem to be appealing to everyone in the paranormal realm... and, I can understand why. Being a succubus is all about portraying yourself as an object of lust so as to draw in their victims. If you are sensitive to women being presented as sexual objects... this might not be the series for you. I'm not sure how you can present the succubus in any story in which this does not happen. It's kind of what they do. I don't like this concept in a non-paranormal setting... but, you can't expect demons and succubi to be on their best behavior. They work for hell and preying on human weakness is how they get the job done.
Anyway, I love this series... sorry to see it end. Really hoping we see some spin off books... I need more of Damien and would kind of like to see Julian's story continue and Lucien. :) But, all things must come to an end I suppose... 
And, I agree with "T"...  book three is a solid four stars but a steamy five for the entire series as a whole!  :)
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A fallen angel with a bounty on her head, Monica's a succubus with an unquenchable craving for sex. With one pulse-pounding orgasm, she consumes just enough of a person's soul to keep her alive. Of course that means human lovers are off limits, and so she keeps her distance from Drew, the one mortal she actually cares about. But Drew's been missing since his escape from Hell, and now her boss Lucien has gone MIA. Chased by every assassin this side of immortality, Monica has no choice but to abandon her low profile and put her own eternal life in danger. . .
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