Bound By Her Scent by Kara Swynn

Well, well, well. What a tasty little treat this was! Looking for a short, fun sexy read? Got a half hour to kill? Need to get primed for your man to get home? (LOL!) This will be your Kryptonite!

It is about thirty pages long and gets right to the point. I am not sure when or where this story originates from. From what the author says this is her first short story/book. In reading it there seems to be a back-story in the authors’ mind that I would love to see fleshed out in a series. I am not sure if there are books ahead of this one. But as a little novella it is a great glimpse into a PNR/erotica/romance series.

Not going to over do it on details as it is only thirty pages. It is straight up erotica. Give it a go it’s only .99cents!


*Given via the author in exchange for an honest review

The ban on human/ shifter sex has been lifted, but that doesn’t mean the Twin Canyon shifters are ready to mate with humans - especially wolf shifter Ryker Black. He is too rough and raw for the average woman.

Ally Benson is not your average woman. Ally is Ryker’s mate; even if he refuses to claim her. When Ally is chosen to teach the pack alphas about female pleasure, Ryker’s control is put to the ultimate test. Ally wants the brutish shifter in her bed and she’s not afraid to play dirty to get him there. But can Ally really handle the needs of an alpha wolf? And how long can Ryker continue to fight against the instinct to claim his mate, especially when he’s...Bound by Her Scent.

Warning: This is a complete short novella. It contains a curvy BBW heroine who craves the rough and raw pleasure that only her sexy alpha male hero can provide. It makes for a very spicy read that may be too hot for some to handle.

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