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  Dark Lover
Book 1

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)
Welcome to Caldwell, New York. The would be king of the vamps lives here. It’s a twist in the usual storyline as the brotherhood is the protectors of their race. The Lessers are the bad guys. The Glimmera are the social elite snobs and humans are fodder pretty much unaware. This race of vampires feed on each other. Well the ladies that is. No humans are consumed in this version.

Wrath is asked by his fellow brother Darius to protect and help his daughter Beth. First he refuses, but when Darius is killed Wrath steps in. Little did he know what would befall him.  Beth is transitioning and coming into her own vampire heritage.  She knows nothing of this world or her father. What she thinks she knows will all be torn away with the truth of her new world coming into focus.

This book lays down the floor plan for the entire series. We meet the brothers and get a good dose of personality from each.  

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

Funny sexy brothers with funny sexy banter


Boo the cat

Thorment hanging out watching TV in Beth’s apartment

Beth realizing Wraths disability

Fritz tell Beth “We watched after you”

Butch walking into the mansion and meeting the brothers

Butch meeting Marissa for the first time and trying to “protect” her LOL!

Beth’s reaction to the brother pledge and battle cry :)

Lover Eternal
Book 2

Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #2)This is the story of our “hottest” brother Rage.  So pretty they dubbed him Hollywood. But the prettiest one has the harshest curse. What everyone else sees is not the brother Rage wants to be. With the Lesser war still raging on he finds his mate in Mary. Cancer survivor and community volunteer. Mary’s vulnerability and strength will bring him to his knees.

All the brothers have moved into the mansion. The brothers’ personalities come alive for us in Lover Eternal.  We also get to see the ground work being laid for our John Mathew’s story. This is the book that really hooked me.

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

Butch and his amazing wardrobe

We meet John Mathew


Blind date

Wellsie’s love

Dragon tattoo

Chains and a bed ((giggle))

Holding the moon

Lover Awakened
Book 3
Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #3)One of my favorite books in this series. Beautiful and damaged vampire Zsadist finds love. Love he couldn’t understand or comprehend. He didn’t know how to process his feelings. With his reputation it was hard for the brothers around him to understand and help him. Especially with many thinking his actions were less than honorable. But I had faith. We saw glimmers in the last few books of the hidden feelings. It takes a strong female to bring those feelings out. Bella is just that female. In saving her Zsadist will save himself.

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

Brothers’ reaction in dining room to Needing

V and Butch

Golden eyes

Paper and pencil <3


Lover Revealed
Book 4
Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #4)BUTCH! Our gritty cop turned pseudo brother gets his story.  He has been in love with the ethereal Marissa since Dark Lover. No more Mister Nice guy. He will man up or shall I say vamp up o get his woman with just a little help from his brethren.  We get to see bits from Butch’s past. This helps us see who and why he is the way he is.

The Lessers are still a major problem and in helping the brothers he becomes injured.  In saving him he will be changed forever.

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

Oh that BDB banter! LOVE it!

Seeing Rhev’s softer side

V and Butch relationship

JM, Q & B tidbits

Shellans in dresses :)

Lover Unbound
Book 5
Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)Vishous, son of the Bloodletter. Our tech geek, BDSM lover and all around bad ass with he hand of fire. This is one of my favorites in the BDB series. There is so much going on. I really do enjoy the fact that J.R. Ward is a writer that keeps her family fresh in all her books. Her characters don't fade to black they keep it rich.

V and Jane's story is at the heart of Lover Unbound but I really am left feeling filled up with so much love and info on all my vamps in Caldwell. There were Lessers but not the usual back and forth with all the "letter heads" as I call them. This, I feel, made Lover Unbound so much better. We keep it in the family so to speak.

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

As always Sexy brother banter! "Okay, well...hows the water feeling, then?" "Excuse me?" "The Nile warm this time of year?" LOL!!
Bathroom sex :) and Bathroom sex :(

Potato launchers return

Cormia & Layla chats

John and his XXXL Abercombie & Fitch

As always JM, Q & B tidbits

Lover Enshrined
Book 6
Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6)All about our brother Phury right? Nope meet the Wizard. Oh boy this one kept us on our toes. I had whiplash keeping up with all the storylines going on in this one. Guess what LOVED IT! Phury had to battle his own demons and forget about his brother Z’s. Also forget about his brothers Shellan too. Our Lovely Cormia took care of that.

But really this one is a story of recovery on so many levels. Phury was and is one of my favs. His journey has been a long one and I am happy he has had his time to shine and get over being the martyr.  So much in this one and if I go on I will say too much! As much as this one is about Phury, it isn't. I know many reviewers were a bit mad and thinking Phury was kind of robbed of his story. Due to so many storylines. I didn't feel this way at all. I like it very much. I like feeling updated and connected with all the BDB.

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

John Matthew *fans self*

Cormia and Dirty Dancing (((love)))

Lavender purple braclets

Lassiter The return of a brother *tears* 


Okay after reviewing my favorite moments I notice that Phury isn’t in there…….also during my reread I find, just like I did before, this one is more about John Matthew and the boys to me. 

Lover Avenged
Book 7
Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #7)Rehvenge, brother–in-law to the brotherhood. Sympath, club owner, drug dealer, pimp and fur covered sexiness. Rehv gets his Ehlena but it’s not going to be easy. There is so much packed into Lover Avenged I am bursting. I think this is where J.R. Ward hit her stride. Her books really have become about the collective. I simply adore it.  The shift really happens here. The world in Caldwell changes as does the surrounding.

 The threats with the Lessers shift to one that use to be their own. An old foe of JM begins his reign of unpleasantness.

 Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

Fighting Wrath

De La Cruz!!!!

“Brace yourself Effie.”

Butch and Wrath banter. LOL “I thought you were a good Catholic.”

Rage and his Tootsie Pops

Picnic table chat


Wrong balcony

Frosted Flakes and lullabies

Under desk

Mary Tyler Moore motherf*cker



There was just so much in this one. So much good stuff. GAH! Loved it.

Lover Mine
Book 8
Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #8)John Matthew *sigh* let’s take a collective deep breath shall we? From the time we were introduced in Lover Eternal Jm has been forever embedded my heart. The life he has endured is a powerful story. This is much more than his love story with Xhex. This is a destiny revealing itself that began before he was even born. An incredible journey and self discovery process.

I feel this is also just as much Xhex’s story too. She has her own journey in Lover Mine as well. And once again Ward made it about the collective. So much Quay!!! GAH!

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

Seeing things from different angles

Cracks in concrete

Surprise bonding scents

Electric moments with incendiary potential

Blushing Blay

T.V. with Tohr

Rage banter (love him) “Hey, hi! How are you?”

John & Xhex kicking ass

Z talk *tear*


JM Swagger

QHUAY!!!! Just…..so many emotions…… QHUAY!!!!!

There was so much going on in the back ground and I am trying to keep this centered on each couple but it is getting harder and harder to do. I simply love it all.

Lover Unleashed
Book 9
Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9)Payne, blooded sister of the Black Dagger Brother Vishous, son of the Bloodletter. Okay so don’t hate me but this is my least favorite of the bunch. Here’s why, I just don’t feel very connected to Manny or Payne. I have such an emotional connection with all the brothers and yes, we are running out of brothers and I know Ward has to add in “fresh blood” so to speak. I’ll say this, I was much more interested in Jane and V’s story.

Also after re-reading I am thinking that we are all so primed from the last two books for Qhuinn and Blay that unless it’s more about them we aren’t interested? Don’t get me wrong there is A LOT in Lover Unleashed to get excited about (see below) but compared to previous books……meh.

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

Boston accent shahhp dressah

Jose and Thomas DelVecchio Jr

I love you’s without words

Breaking treadmills

XCOR, THROE & the motel……good lawd!

Spoon and warm water

V’s tears

Rhage and popcorn

All the family in the billiard room

Qhuinn and Saxton chat

Lover Reborn
Book 10

Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10)“Other than ahvenging his dead, he might as well be in the blessed Fade with his family. Frankly, the latter would be preferable -- and who knew, maybe he’d get lucky tonight. Maybe in the heat of a fight he’d suffer a catastrophic mortal injury and be relieved of his burden. A man could only hope.”

Well if that doesn’t just tell you the tenor of this book nothing will. Thorment is lost. Lost in his pain. Lost in his misery. Lost in his emotions. Just lost. I gotta say I was nervous the first time I read this knowing the heartache that was the focus of Lover Reborn.

No’One/Autumn was so import to this story in so many ways. Along with JM and Xhex ( It feels like a continuation from the last book.) I shed a lot of tears which is a testament to Ward and her writing ability. The emotions are heavy and she plays with the hard and soft so well. For as much as I cried I laughed too.  After my reread I really do feel this is one of her best.

So many story lines in this one…. I’ll save time and just add it in below :)

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

Xhex and beauty products (hee-hee)
Rhage with his Tootsie pop and dance moves
Holy hypoxia Batman
Dress *tears*
Captain Asshole, cape of disgrace, booties of shame and keys to the Fuck Up mobile (LOL!!!)
Xhex and John (love-Love)
Lassiter Lassiter Lassiter Lassiter Lassiter Lassiter
Movie night
Bad Ass V
Rolex, ribbon, tiny handprint, daggers, faith & cross, rings

Lover At Last
Book 11
Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11)“Our time has come” was the last line in Lover Reborn and “they lived happily ever after” was the final line in Lover at Last. *sigh* I had to skim read a lot of this book so that I stayed with my boys. I know, I know I should have read slower and savored all of it. But I just couldn’t do it. It had been building too long, my need to see Qhuay have a HEA was too strong and I am weak.  It was all I wanted and more. I am not going to say much about our boys. I really think you need to read for yourselves the process to get to their HEA. No spoilers from me on this plot line. I thought it was PERFECTION!

The rest of the book (yes, I went back and reread it)…… I see what you are doing Warden. Ward is building up more of the Black Dagger Brotherhood world. Introducing new people. Bringing others who, until this point, have been very much in the back ground.  I like it.

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.


The brothers were funny, charming and kick ass.

Layla and Xcor = intense

B.o.B feeding OMG!!!!!

Wrath and Beth conversation

Baseball talk with Lassiter and Butch LOL

The Shadows- Trez and iAm…… interesting

Assail and Sola, I think I am gonna like this coupling


 The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #12)


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