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5 stars*****
I LOVE the mountains, I LOVE hiking, I LOVE nature and the feeling of peace it always bring me... that is one reason why I loved this book. The author did a wonderful job describing this beautiful location in the mountains and it also re-kindled fond memories and experiences from my own spelunking adventures.
I also LOVE slow building romances with mature characters that focus on their emotions and not so much on the steam. This is one of those stories...
Sara has an interesting gift she calls colors. I would describe it as a bit of a sixth sense. The different colors or auras that she sees around people represent different emotions. I won't go into detail about her gift except that the color of blue reflects true love. As a child Sara always saw the colors but they have mostly gone away now that she is grown. She only sees them in children. The book is about Sara finally re-discovering her colors, in particular her color of blue... which brings me to Rick.
Oh my gosh... Rick... I fell in love with this guy. His story broke my heart... after reading Chapter 16 I cried so much I had to put the book down for a while. And, every time I think about that chapter my eyes fill with tears. Without giving away spoilers I'll just say that it moved me because it represented one of the most beautiful acts of love I've ever read... a husbands loving gift to his wife. (yep, I'm tearing up right now) To be loved so completely by the man you're married too is a true gift. Rick is an amazing guy!  The author was kind enough to submit an excerpt from Chapter 16...  just scroll down to read it. 
Heading to nature is my "go to" place when it comes time for me to stop and put my life back in focus and I love that these two characters both found themselves and each other in this way. There is something magical to me about mother nature and her ability to bring us back to where we are supposed to be. And, this is another reason why I so strongly connected to this story in general.
Wonderful supporting characters, creative story, beautiful setting, heartwarming AND heartbreaking... Gosh... I just can't say enough about this book! So, I'll stop before I go into overload.
I would recommend this book to nature lovers, lovers of slow building romances minus the steam, and for those who like to read stories that make you think about life and the strange way that fate sometimes brings people together.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. But it is also available on netgalley for any bloggers who may be interested. :)


"Music came from the loft, and Sam and her father began down the aisle. She was strong. Sam was always strong. She walked without conflict and found the joy in having this once again, with the man she loved, the parents she loved, and the people she loved.
Struck in a moment of weakness, Rick took his eyes off Sam, slowing the rush of emotion. He looked down and then focused on her father. He had shined and reshined his shoes to reflect the importance of this day. The cuffs of his pants were pressed so that they lay perfectly on top of each shoe. With each step, his shin would catch the front of his pant and carry it forward until his foot settled. The momentum took the fabric past his shoe until it caught on his calf. Then it returned, settling perfectly over his shoe again before the next step.
Rick watched this movement in slow motion repeatedly. The movement settled for the last time, and there were no more steps to take. It was here that Rick, Sam’s father and mother, and everyone else felt the same pain. Sam hugged and held onto her father. Everyone waited patiently, and the world became perfectly still. They moved apart until only their hands met, then, continuing ever so slowly, until it was only their fingertips. Then, that was gone. Rick watched this, along with everyone else. For it was here, this very moment, that brought so many questions to him, and a fear that he was doing the wrong thing by creating this day. The great church was perfectly quiet as a father gave away his only daughter, for the second time, so terribly near a time when he and everyone else would lose her forever."
The Colors of Blue is an intelligent and compelling mainstream romance whose characters peel away complex layers of deceit, grief, loss and discovery during a riveting journey that at last binds hearts together and renews the promise of true love.

From the novel’s first page, Sara Field emerges as a woman of unique gifts whose soul resonates to a kaleidoscope of colors—a sixth sense that infuses her world with an understanding beyond the apparent. Yet somehow the colors fade in the glare of urban life and heartbreaking betrayal, and her struggle to retrieve those vibrant hues borders on the unbearable. Can she ever regain the innocence and wonder of that magical young womanhood? Perhaps—when she finds the spectacular beauty of the San Juan Mountains and the Tres Piedras River.
Half a country away, Rick Wheeler mourns the death of his extraordinary wife and feels himself crumbling under the burden of despair even as he builds a financial dynasty. Will nothing lift the gloom, relieve the cruel devastation of his loss and renew his heart? Ah, yes, there is one thing—fly-fishing on the Tres Piedras River. Time here is satisfying and soul-renewing. But he is still alone.

The rest, woven into a tapestry of adventure, intrigue, revelation, and even serendipity, invites each reader to participate in a life-affirming search for the colors and connections of love and the depth of meaning they give to the human spirit.


  1. This book sounds amazing and my favorite color is BLUE! :-)

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