Cheat River Three by Scott Baker Sweeney


"Cheat River Three", is a true life adventure immersed in circumstantial fiction! The adventures in this novel were based on true stories of my infamous father's wild life, intertwined with tales of a fictional heroine that rivals him with her own special free spirited exploits. Their quest for adventure would separate them and take them independently far away, but tragedy and love would eventually reunite them and return them home. Cheat River Three will take the reader on an emotional roller coaster of humor and excitement as well as pull at their heartstrings.
4 stars****
I really enjoyed this book... engaging, well written and creative. I was laughing out loud at some of the crazy things this threesome did growing up alongside the Cheat River. My two favorite scenes in this book was the Tarzan/chandelier incident and the Yellow jacket vs. the bare bottom! Laugh out loud funny... I start giggling every time I think about that bare bottom. The ending had me feeling very conflicted, however, and maybe even a little angry?? It's hard to put it into words.
Kat, Eugene and Jimmy grew up together forming a special bond. They became known as the "Cheat River Three". They always met at their special place on a rock near the Cheat River. The book has us following their childhood/teenage adventures up until they graduate high school when all of them go on their separate ways. Jimmy goes to college at Duke, Eugene gets a football scholarship to Texas A & M and Kat is pushing her way into fulfilling her dream to become a pilot in the Air Force. This is not an easy task for Kat as this story takes place during the 1940's and 1950's when women weren't allowed certain privileges in the military... piloting planes was one of those things.
Kat was always a wild card and had a special love for Eugene that grew stronger and stronger over the years. She also had a very interesting relationship with her parents who died when she was little. She claimed that she could hear their whispers and would often go and visit with them as she walked along the surrounding banks of the cheat river. Sound a little strange I know... but I liked this aspect of the story and how these whispers that Kat would get from them became a compass of truth for these three. Kat had a vision/a truth that could not be explained. I love how the author used the red ribbons throughout the story and up until the end. This became Kat's calling card, so to speak.
As much as I respected Kat and her determination to beat the discrimination that women often received in the military, I was extremely disappointed in her choices at the end. There are some secrets that should never be kept from the people you love. The idea that she was not replaceable was in my opinion... arrogant and reckless. I won't go into a moral debate about her decisions... that would take too many words I'm afraid.
This book was very successful in keeping me engaged and entertained and even though I was not happy with Kat in the end, it did successfully stir up my emotions... and perhaps that was the point.
Great read overall...

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author

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