BURNED by Karen Marie Moning release date has been pushed back again!

BURNED Release Date, Book Launch Party & Ryodan’s Face

There’ve been rumblings lately—I’m beginning to think you guys are psychic, or perhaps like Dani, you’re sleuthing for clues such as my not announcing the date/place for the launch party—about whether BURNED is really coming out July 22nd, 2014.

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news: I’m having a blast writing BURNED, similar to how I felt when I was writing SHADOWFEVER, in a semi-fugue state. The characters are alive and on fire, the story is coming out exactly as I’d planned, and with even more intensity than I’d expected. There’s no doubt in my mind you’re going to love it.

The bad news: BURNED’s release date has been pushed back one final time. The new date is January 2015. The precise day is still being decided (right now it’s the 20th but that may change by a week either way) and as soon as we can, we’ll announce the dates and location for the big bash.

More good news: if BURNED had been released July 22, I was not going to be able to do a book launch party. Now I am.

As I’m sure you’ve realized by my not announcing the book launch date, I was concerned it might get moved again. And I’m sure you want to know why.

I took time off.

Why? I needed it. I won’t go into details of my personal life but I will say while I could have kept pushing, short-term gratification doesn’t yield the kind of long term goals I‘m after and sometimes pushing costs more than it yields, so I did what I needed to do: walked away, rested and got recharged.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make. I love to write. I miss the interaction with you guys when I don’t. I get paid when I write. But I will always put the quality of my writing, and of my life over my bank account. I won’t put out a book that doesn’t meet my standards

I’m back and beyond excited to take you deeper into the Fever world in all the ways you want. BURNED is sexier, has more points of view, including one of the Nine (and not just a few snippets) and is all around hotter in every way, as you’d expect from the title.

A final bit of good news: I’ve never given you a good verbal ‘look’ at Ryodan. Many of you have written to tell me that Stuart Reardon (beautiful man and terrific athlete!) is your vision of Ryodan and I’ve promoted him for you, although I’ve always considered him one of my other immortal badasses.

But I’ve never shared my personal vision of the mysterious, sexy owner of Chester's nightclub (where the privileged few get to visit level 4!) because I didn’t feel I could adequately convey what I see when I close my eyes and begin to structure one of his scenes.

Then I stumbled across Anthony James Hill and was stunned to find the match to the face I’ve been seeing in my head for years. Those eyes, that mouth…

This is my Ryodan, photographed by the fabulous Michael Stokes Photography and Gilles Crofta.

Drop by Anthony James Hill's page and welcome him to the Fever World!

As for BURNED, I’m truly sorry I couldn’t bring it to you faster. If I could have, I would. I can only tell you I think you’re going to find it absolutely worth the wait.

Stay to the lights,

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  1. As much of a fan as I have been over the shadow fever saga and Dani's "Would be" trilogy, too much time has passed and I, like many others am over it. There is no commitment it feels like to the story and truly yes to the fans, how many times has the release date been pushed back? It's just silly by now. I can understand needing a break, I can appreciate it even, especially when there are family issues and in or even personal illnesses but over two years while still claiming the previous release date...I can find no justification in that, not when you have had such loyal fans, who have waited postponement after postponement after postponement, many were looking forward to the release, now it's a "It'll get here when it get's here" type thing. The excitement is gone from the book. Karen is extremely talented though sadly it seems not dedicated. I am sure there will be a lot of mess over this post, but everyone knows this is right to some degree, it's just I am the only one to post it. So thanks for the apologies, you guys look forward to the next one in January.