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The Professional by Kresley Cole (part one)


5 hot and steamy stars*****
Man oh man... that cliffhanger is killing me. I seriously can't believe it ended where it did... I thought my kindle had malfunctioned... LOL. But, that is a testament to how good this first installment was because I didn't want it to end. I was completely absorbed into this story!
Aleksandr the Siberian is one of those characters that totally captivates me because I am a sucker for the dark and damaged heroes that have a layer of something good hidden somewhere underneath.
Yes, Natalie is a virgin but don't let that scare you away from her character. She is FAR from pure, sweet and innocent. I was giggling out loud at how well she handled this Dominant male. He thinks he's dominating her but only because she allows it and likes it... and, she totally takes him by surprise.
The chemistry between these two is unbelievably hot... the sexual tension is... well... TENSE! I was definitely feeling it...
The story is just beginning and I have a feeling that her Russian father has plenty of secrets lurking around. And I am definitely curious about the gorgeous cousin and his secrets as well.
If you don't like cliffhangers... the good news is that all three of these will be released pretty close together. So, if you want to wait until January you can read them back to back. There are three installments...


Natalie is a virgin, but she’s far from virginal. Sevastyan is a bodyguard and sent to protect her. Well, putting it bluntly, that about sums this one up.  Throw in the fact that Kresley Cole wrote this? Well…. What you get is pure adrenaline in action. The chemistry is amazing, and the back and forth between these two is hilarious and steamy.

Starting off the night profiling men in her local hang out with friends only to be flying to Russia hours later lends to the excitement and flow of The Professional. This is the first time that Cole has ventured into the erotica genre. From her posts on Goodreads, Facebook and blog, she was admittedly nervous jumping into the erotica game,but nothing to worry about Ms. Cole, you’ve hit a homer.  It’s a must read for Kresely Cole fans.


*Given via Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books/Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


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