All Fired Up by Kate Meader (Hot in the Kitchen #2)

4 stars****
I really do like this Hot in the Kitchen series... this is book two! Even though it is possible to read this as a stand alone, I do think it's probably better to read these in order so that you can know the back story of some of the supporting characters.
In the first book we met Lili and Jack and I enjoyed their whirlwind romance. In book two we join Cara, Lili's sister, on her own whirlwind romance with the hunky Irish pastry chef Shane. He was Irish but to me he gave off more of a cowboy image which I thought was very amusing. Their line dancing date was funny.
Cara is kind of a snobby and cold character to everyone who knows her. She is a fantastic organizer and kind of lives her life very much in control, especially when it comes to food and her body. Shane is in town because he is secretly wanting to get to know his half brother Jack, having found a way to work closely with him through their shared love for cooking. What neither of them expected was to find themselves accidentally married in a drunken night of fun in Vegas. And, sometimes what happens in Vegas can't stay in Vegas. Yes, this has been done before... lots of times. But, I liked the emotional story that unfolds as these two struggle with the how and the why of this accidental marriage. Sometimes fate just needs to intercede...
This book was more of an emotional journey and heartfelt. These two are each struggling with their own painful secrets. Cara is a recovering perfectionist... as she calls herself... and is living with the daily secret struggle of controlling her anorexia. I really appreciated her story because it is an issue that is not often addressed but affects so many women. Her sister Lili, in book one was always overweight and had to make peace with her curves... Cara being on the opposite end of the spectrum was for me an interesting change and allowed me to gain some perspective on the importance of not being judgmental when it comes to people and the way they look. You just never know what kind of personal demons that person is battling.
I loved this quote at the end:

Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

That is so true... loved it...

I love this crazy food loving Italian family and will be looking forward to more of them in future installments.

ARC provided by Forever Publishing via netgalley.


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