All About Charming Alice by J. Arlene Cullner


5 stars*****
This book definitely falls into my "feel good romance" category! Loved the story, the characters, the setting... a great choice for those of us in the "older" population who would like to sit down and enjoy a mature romance with mature characters. These are my favorite types of romances.
Alice moved to Blake's Folly, Nevada from California after a failed marriage and has been living there for a while and she is a snake expert! I love her character so much! Primarily because her life journey highlights all that is truly important. Her move to Blake's Folly and re-claiming her independence and going after her dreams (however creepy they might be to others... snakes!)is a life lesson that many of us can relate to and learn from.
Jace is traveling through Nevada and ends up in Blake's Folly when he happens upon a very large stray dog fondly nicknamed... KILLER! He ends up on Alice's front porch since she is also known for her soft spot to take in strays and find them homes. Jace did not expect to find a woman like Alice in this small town in the desert. I guess you could say he was charmed by Alice from the first time he saw her. You don't come across women like her in Chicago.
Jace is a writer and decides to take residence in Alice's room for rent and hang out so he can gain information for his next book. Despite the obvious attraction they have for each other, Alice is resistant to Jace's charms. But Jace is determined to win her trust. I loved Jace's character. Arriving in Blake's Folly was an opportunity for him to see life from a different angle than the busy life he lives in Chicago. He was very open and accepting of this awkward and different way of living that Alice has chosen for herself.
I love how this story emphasizes how nice it is to just enjoy the simplicity of life, love and friendship. You can surround yourself with as many people as you want but that doesn't make them your friends. You can have a house full of fancy objects... but that doesn't equal contentment or happiness. It's the people and friends who make us feel whole and complete in our lives that matter most.
Excellent book... just my style... highly recommend!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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