Soul Survivor by Katana Collins (Soul Stripper #2)


5 stars*****
Another great installment to this erotic tale of a fallen angel turned succubus! And, this time we get a taste of a sexy elemental named Damien. I thoroughly enjoyed his character and Monica (the succubus) is definitely a solid match for his desires. Can't wait to see what happens with these two further into the series.
So much is happening in this book... I was continuously on the edge of my seat. I really loved all of the flashbacks to Monica's past and learning how she fell from angel to succubus. And, this book is somewhat about the past catching up to everyone.
Monica is a victim and I have to say... I am not impressed with the so-called men in her life that say they love her. I was very disappointed in Jules, John and Dejan... they all have their own agendas and desires in mind and Monica's clearly comes second. I have so much empathy for her character and how she battles with being forced into a way of life she never wanted and quite frankly does not deserve. And, she can't seem to trust anyone... except for Drew. The human she can never have without tarnishing his soul. It truly "sucks" to be a succubus! Sorry, couldn't help myself... :)
This is so much more than erotica... it's got a little of everything I love in a book. Great characters, steamy moments that leave me grinning and a story that keeps you guessing until the very end.
This is not a stand alone... you need to read book one "Soul Stripper" first before you can plunge into this one. I am a big fan of this series and will be first in line for the next installment!

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