K's Review of Covet by Tracey Garvis Graves


5 Amazing stars*****
Such a powerful and emotional story about the very difficult situations we have to face in the journey of marriage! No, it's not all roses, sunshine and happily ever afters. And, no matter how much we love someone, life sometimes has a way of challenging our commitment to one another. This is a book that those of us who have been married for a while and have had to endure the many ups and downs that come along with marriage can appreciate. I was so personally connected to Claire for many reasons. I saw in her the faces of many of my friends who have had to endure their husbands being deployed for months, sometimes even years at a time. And, there were many times I saw myself.
Struggling with the loss of his job that eventually leads to depression, Chris is shutting down. He finally takes a job but it requires him to be gone most of the time. Worried about the financial security of his family he does what he has to do with Claire's support. Claire does her best to hold things together but at some point you just need to be able to feel. Chris is absent both physically and mentally, so when Daniel walks in to her life she reaches out to him because he is providing something she is both missing and needing.
I thought that the author did an amazing job depicting the reality of feelings and emotions that wives and husbands go through silently. It's probably the most accurate description in fiction form I've ever read in regards to the truth and reality of marriage.
I love the way this book ended and how it left me thinking of one very important message... If you can endure the hardest times of your marriage and find a way to survive, you're marriage and relationship will always come out stronger. Not necessarily un-scathed but stronger.
I can see how this story might seem a little ho-hum to some people... especially those who haven't been through the trials of marriage and children yet... but, I connected to Claire for very personal reasons. And, this one is definitely one of my personal favorites!

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