Undressed by Avery Aster


4 stars ****
The star of this book is definitely Massimo. He's adorable, sexy, lovable... the whole package! Oh, and he's a prince... :) Such a creative and well written character. He brought a smile to my face often and was just such a likable guy. I also really, really liked Lex in this book. She is a strong, independent, hard working fashionista who goes after what she wants. She had no problem meeting Massimo face to face to battle out their business issues. And, she manages to keep him in line in the romance department too. She goes after what she wants in business and also in romance... and she wants Massimo! Who doesn't???
Massimo and Lex have amazing chemistry together. All of my favorite Erotica books are the ones that successfully combine steamy with a really good story. If the sex overtakes the story then it usually loses my interest... and this has a great story. Massimo and Lex both have very interesting back stories that are tied well to the present and how they react to love, business etc... And, it was fun being with them as they both began to break down some of their barriers and be open to passion, fun and possibly love. This story, in my opinion, would have been appealing to me even without the erotica... so, that says a lot.
My only negative about this book is that I didn't like how some of the sex scenes were written. I prefer a more sensual approach to erotica that leaves a little to the imagination... and some (not all) of these scenes are similar to what you might see in pornography and a little too descriptive. So, whether or not you will like this approach depends greatly on what you are looking for in your erotica. I did like their playfulness though... Massimo likes to play games in the bedroom.
So, if you're looking to spend an evening with a prince... check out Massimo... he's sure to bring a smile to your day! And, it's all nicely tied up with a very happy ending... so that's even better.

Thanks very much to the author for the complimentary copy! 

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T's Review 
Undressed (The Manhattanites #1) by Avery Aster

This is my first time reading Avery Aster and I am glad I did :) What a cute and fun story I found Undressed to be. Prince Tittoni has been added to my long list of book boyfriends! He alone carried the book for me. Smart and sexy with a sweetness that will make you drool.

Now Lex is another story all together for me. I liked her and found her to be refreshing in character. However I thought her vernacular to be a bit crude for my liking. Maybe it is a double standard in the bedroom where we tend to find a dirty talking guy a turn on and not so much with a woman. I don’t know. But her inner dialogue was a bit of a turn off.

The sexual tension and build up was fun and alluring to read. However when the deed was finally done it was a bit of a turn off for me. They (Lex and the Prince) called it making love, I however call it F------g and a little unrealistic. But hey to each their own.

To sum it all up if you are looking for a light read to get the blood pumping give Undressed a go. It’s fun and what I call a candy read.  So grab some Twizzler!

3.5 Stars

**Given via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.


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